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Meniere's Disease Articles and Information We Added in 2011



November 28th, 2011


Chemical Reactions and Meniere's Disease Symptoms - Could There Be Any Connection?

It is important to realize that your body already has a preset chemical structure. When you make a decision to take any chemical (ANY chemical), you are doing it to change this chemical structure: to feel differently. You may choose to do this yourself or have a health professional advise you on what might be, in their judgment, the best way to create a different feeling. You are seeking a different outcome. You may do this consciously knowing you may have some side effects. Or you may do this completely unaware that side effects might be an issue. But the body always reacts to chemicals going into it or onto it. That is the entire purpose of taking them.


March 11th, 2011


Understanding Meniere's Disease: Cause and Effect

Please understand that Meniere's Disease symptoms do not happen in our bodies without a cause and an effect. Conversely, every effect always has some underlying cause: one or more.

This is another phase of awareness. Get in the habit of asking yourself “is this a cause or an effect/result”. Meniere's Disease symptoms are effects/ results of an obvious or underlying, often unsuspecting cause. As you explore this idea more, you will realize that if you don’t like an effect, by analyzing the Meniere's symptoms you may be able to find the cause and deal with them. Low Blood Pressure, Salt and Potassium could both be causes, or symptoms of Meniere's Disease.

For our purposes, we need to understand how cause and effect are related to hearing, vertigo, dizziness and balance problems (which may be why Meniere’s Disease is also called Vertigo Disease or Endolymphatic Hydrops) …and you will hear this an awful lot, but I wanted to make sure you understand that this is a natural law of nature.



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