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Meniere's Disease Articles and Information We Added in 2008


November 12, 2008

New Website Section - Nutritional Supplements and Meniere's Disease

When people realize that we are speaking of nutritional supplements, one of the most common comments I hear is that they already eat a healthy diet. They exercise. They take supplements. Why do they still have Meniere's Disease symptoms?


The basic point is that not all nutritional supplements are alike. As  we mentioned on the front page of the website, Meniere's is not a disease, it is a collection of symptoms. The balance and hearing symptoms come from an underlying cause. If you have a healthy immune system, whatever the underling cause could be, they should not be a problem for you. However if you don't have a healthy immune system, then they could bother you.



November 17, 2008


Anaphylaxis and Meniere's Disease

Anaphylaxis represents a “state of protection”. Essentially that means your body is protecting you against something that has just entered it. Something that will upset the wellbeing of your entire body. We are not talking about a little cut or a bruised elbow. This can be a life threatening situation. Over the last 8 years, it has become increasingly apparent that Meniere’s is not a disease. “Something” is irritating or putting pressure on your balance and or hearing nerve(s). What it is is unknown until start to you investigate.


The very same thing happens, but in a much more serious way when “something” invades your entire body (not just one localized area as in the inner ear). In this local area you have a balance nerve and a hearing nerve: one “set” for each ear. Your balance nerve “gives” symptoms ranging from lightheadedness and dizziness to drop attacks and anything in between.


Your hearing nerve gives symptoms to do with a complete lack of hearing to horrible disabling noises…and, again, anything in between. It all depends on the intensity of the “intruder”. In each case, there has to be an intruder. So I always teach people to look for the underlying cause(s). There has to be one or more. Your body is continually trying to protect you. Always! Naturally! In the case of an anaphylactic reaction, the body is trying to protect you from a systemic invasion. In the inner ear, it is trying to protect you from a localized invader.



Meniere's Disease FAQ Page.

Please visit our Meniere's Disease FAQ Page.  We are updating it whenever we get new information.


October 10, 2008

A Very Simplistic Explanation of Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants" & an Antioxidant Tutorial

Antioxidants and free radicals are very important terms, but for many of us, they are confusing at the beginning.  So I have written one very simplistic explanation and then have used a very detailed and scientifically-correct tutorial to help you understand the basic concept. If you don't recognize harmful situations, you can't make healthy decisions.


It is important for you to have some understanding of these concepts so you can make conscious, informed "everyday" decisions concerning your health, and these should include nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.


Ongoing research has found many "things" we felt were safe (and tasty) to ingest, now are found to be harmful. It takes years for degeneration to create negative results in your body. Having the knowledge and the tools to make health-related decisions is crucial.  To explain the role of anti oxidants, we have put together this two part article.



October 24, 2008


Nutritional Supplements and Meniere's Disease.  Why All Vitamins Are NOT the Same

Generally, “vitamin” is the term that we tend to use in our everyday conversations. We could be referring to a true vitamin, a mineral or to the overall comprehensive “nutritional supplement”. Mostly likely we mean nutritional or dietary supplements. All supplements are not alike! All vitamins are not alike just as one coffee is not the same as another. We know they are not. We have our favorites. Please don’t be fooled just because it seems pretty harmless and says: “natural”. Herbs, including herbal teas, are the basis of many drugs. If you are not sure, please consider getting some reliable help.

We have a lot of people asking us what a good vitamin or nutritional supplement is. This article gives you some insight on how to choose a good quality nutritional supplement.



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