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Meniere's Disease Articles and Information We Added in 2006


June 25, 2006

Meniere's Disease and Detoxification - A Natural Body Function: Does It Really Need To Be Helped Along?

Frequently I am asked about detoxification, but it will not be phrased that way. Many people don’t have much, if any, knowledge of this bodily function. A few people have their own understanding and often just want to challenge my ideas, which is fine. I am always amazed at those who have such definite opinions without really understanding the function of their incredible body! So I want to explain what happens naturally in your body. I will share two doctors’ description of what symptoms they find in their patients to show this could be happening. I will also give a few comments on additional detoxification procedures. Later in this article, I also I thought I would tell you what I do when a new person gets on the supplements I often speak about.

March 12th, 2006

Could Your Blood Pressure Be Too Low? A Plea For Some Common Sense and Some Sanity

The information and the questions I am going to pose, and the thoughts I am going to share, are meant to make you think. My purpose is to create an awareness of the actions of drugs that are chemicals going into your body. This is a plea for common sense. And this plea is directed at you, the reader, who may have symptoms that are “inconvenient” and you want relief, but at what price. It is perfectly understandable to want relief. When you make the appointment with your doctor you expect that they will provide you with a prescription for a drug to take away those Meniere's Disease symptoms. You know you will get it. You expect it. You feel it is the right answer. My concern arises from many emails and phone calls that originate from our Meniere’s website.

February 28th, 2006

“Vitamins For Chronic Disease Prevention In Adults” (scientific review and clinical applications).  Two American Medical Association Journal (JAMA) Articles On The Use Of Supplementation For Adults.

Most likely when you have asked for information from our Meniere's website, the "JAMA" article was part of the response. So you would have an idea of what the American Medical Association published in their June 2002 journal. It may not have been world shaking to many, but for us, it gave us scientific explanations as to why the "system", that so many Meniere's Disease sufferers are on, works.


The reason I decided to write about these JAMA articles was that it takes a lot of explaining to help people understand the symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, hearing fluctuations and tinnitus and why we think they might be occurring. And then to try to get people to believe that a supplement could in fact be helpful in dealing with these Meniere's Disease symptoms, is sometimes quite a stretch! Here is the complete article. As always, there is always someone to help with your questions.



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