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Meniere's Disease Articles and Information We Added in 2004


November 01, 2004


Meniere's Disease and Understanding the Medical Terminology you will encounter along the way.

What this article is about is how to understand what is being said to you by your doctor.  If you suffer from Meniere's Disease understanding medical terminology is particularly important when you are dealing with consent forms for any kind of invasive procedure. You MUST know what is going to happen to you. You are agreeing to something that is going to happen to YOUR body.


I often find myself helping people understand their medical "experiences": helping them understand or translate their doctor's procedures. This article will explain why it's important for you to know these terms or at least know where to find the information.


October 05, 2004


Dr. Tom McGuire - Dental Care and Mercury Amalgam Fillings

There has been a lot of discussion about a connection between Meniere's Disease and Mercury Amalgam fillings.  We have done a lot of research into this and one of the sources that we use is Dr. Tom McGuire.  He has two very good, resource filled websites that will be of interest to you. and


Nutritional Supplements and Meniere's Disease.  Why All Vitamins Are NOT the Same
Why All Vitamins Are NOT the Same


In health discussions, I am frequently asked why all vitamins are not the same. They aren’t any more than other “things”. There is so much confusion and hype about “vitamins” that it might help to get some basic understanding on what can influence the differences. Three ideas that come to mind immediately are terminology, purpose and costs.


You may feel you just want to walk over to the shelf and pick up a “quality” multivitamin. Or you may choose to be educated and careful with both your money and your body.  All supplements are not alike! All vitamins are not alike just as one coffee is not the same as another. We know they are not. We have our favorites.


September 9, 2004


Your Liver: Understanding Its Functions And Your Role In Maintaining Its Health

This article may seem to be off topic, but if you have Meniere's Disease this article may help you to understand how your liver works and how it may be related to some of the Meniere's symptoms you are experiencing. 


It led me to research those individual symptoms and what an eye-opener that proved to be! I found this frequent reference to liver toxicity, which of course has severe health consequences. 


In the last few weeks I have been involved with several searches on drug interactions. Many people haven't any idea that your liver is very closely involved.  Someone had also sent me a very long list of drugs that had tinnitus listed as a possible side effect.


What really caught my attention was some correspondence about Methotrexate, which incidentally is also on this list. Methotrexate is one of the common treatments for Meniere’s symptoms. 


This article will help you find some "common sense" ideas that help you to find ways to maintain a healthy liver.


August 22, 2004


Chemicals Going Into Your Body.  Some of These May Be Behind Your Meniere's Disease Symptoms.

What we don't seem to get is that any kind of chemical might be a problem. And that could include your medications!  This article will help you to learn and recognize that chemicals come in many different forms and different disguises.  Your body has its own set, and anything you want to add must be in "sync" with its needs. Chemicals can easily enter your body  via the mouth, nose, ears, skin, and eyes, even your hair shaft.  But they are still entering your body.


August 10, 2004


Meniere’s Disease, Hypertension and Stress: A Different Way of Thinking

This issue of the Meniere's Disease Health & Information Newsletter is about one persons journey through Hypertension, Meniere’s Disease, and Stress and discovering a different way of thinking. 


Have you ever gone to your doctor with symptoms of Meniere's Disease only to find out that there was nothing the doctor could really do about your Meniere’s Disease symptoms?  During the course of the visit you realize that you are under some stress and your blood pressure was a bit elevated.  Instead of leaving with an answer for your Meniere's Disease symptoms, you leave with a prescription for an antihypertensive drug.  This article will help you to understand why this happens and what you can do about it to regain some control of your life.


July 27, 2004


Amalgam or Mercury: A Sense Of Confusion and How it May Affect Meniere's Disease Sufferers

Amalgam or Mercury: A Sense Of Confusion and How it May Affect Meniere's Disease Sufferers.  This is a long and informative article, but we believe we have found a possible link between Mercury and Meniere's Disease.


July 26, 2004


The Inflammatory Process and Your Bodies Healing Process
This article describes the inflammatory process and your bodies healing process.  If you are suffering from Meniere's Disease, this may help you to understand what is happening to your body as it is going through these stages and why it is happening. 


July 23, 2004


A Quick Lesson On Sinuses for Meniere's Disease Sufferers

Sinus congestion / sinus pressure and blocked sinuses can be one of the symptoms of Meniere's Disease. This is a short health article on the function of the sinuses and why there is a problem when the sinuses don't function properly as well as some things you can do to help relieve sinus pressure. 


July 18th, 2004


Wondering About Symptoms You Can't Explain?
For many people, the side effects from the drugs you are taking are not a serious problem. Introducing another chemical into your body is not part of the body's original composition and the body has ways of getting rid of things it doesn't like or reacting to things it can't get rid of.  This may cause unusual symptoms that can be very frightening.  This article attempts to explain some of these interactions and what you should be doing if this is happening to you.


July 13, 2004


Diagnostic Tests For Meniere's Disease Symptoms
This is an in depth article on the types of testing done to look for and diagnose Meniere's Disease.  This should help you understand and interpret Meniere's Disease testing, your body and its functions. The types of tests done to look for Meniere's Disease and the test results are explained in detail.


Are Your Drugs Making You Sick?
We have updated this article with more detailed information and another link for online searches.  If you have not already read this article, it is all about how to find out about the side effects your drugs and prescriptions may be having on you.  We have included some sources on where to look for this information and what to look for.


The Secret to Getting Your Doctor's Attention

This is a very short article with some quick tips to help Meniere's Disease sufferers get better results in the doctors office.  It also leads into the two articles below, All three of these articles should give you a lot of ideas to work with your doctor to speed up the visit and get the best results possible within the limited time available in the examination room.


I Wish Doctors Had More Time to Listen.
Doctors are very busy and they do not always have time to listen.  This may help you to work with your doctor and use the knowledge you have gotten from the Internet.  How to create a list of facts for your doctor and why you should be completely factual about your symptoms to help both of you make the appointment go smoother.


Frustration About The Limited Discussion During A Doctor's Visit
It is difficult these days to be a patient or a doctor.  Doctors are human, just as you and I are.  They have time limitations that we could never dream of, and the stress of having to deal with some patients that cannot be helped.  What we have tried to do is give you some ideas on how to make the visit to the doctors office as quick and informative as possible, for both of you.


July 12, 2004


I Started Having Terrible Pain In My Left Ear That Was So Bad It Made Me Cry.

A short article about ear aches and some simple ideas that may help alleviate the pain.


Anatomy And Physiology - The Make Up Of Your Body And How It Functions
If you have Meniere's Disease, it is very important that you understand human anatomy and physiology. It will help you understand what you are going through and what your doctor is talking about. ANATOMY is the study, classification, and description of structures and organs of the body. PHYSIOLOGY is the study and process of the function of the human. It is the study of the physical and chemical processes involved in the functioning of the living organisms and their component parts.


July 09, 2004


There Can Be A Link Between Meniere's Disease and High Blood Pressure.

Meniere's Disease and high blood pressure can be connected. The dizzy spells, nausea, vertigo, hearing loss and inner ear dizziness may be a result of high blood pressure interacting with your Meniere's Disease symptoms.


July 06, 2004


Meniere's Disease Health and Information Newsletter Archives
This is where we have all of the past newsletters.  We are adding them as quickly as we can and we will post the new additions on this page as they go up.


July 03, 2004


How to Choose A Nutritional Supplement: A "Multivitamin" Safely And Wisely

Questions and answers on how to choose a nutritional supplement.  This article is about how to buy supplements that will help you support your immune system, and this immune system is the very framework for your health and ultimately your life.


Your Immune System: Delicate Yet Critical

This article covers the Immune System in great detail.  This is of particular interest to anybody suffering from Meniere's Disease, since a Meniere's Disease sufferers immune system is under a great amount of stress.


Medical Terminology For Meniere's Disease Sufferers

Some basic medical terminology for people with Meniere's Disease.  When you visit your doctor, you may encounter some of these terms.  This is a quick reference guide to help you understand what they have told you about Meniere's and what you are experiencing.


June 30, 2004


Salt And Potassium: Keeping A Healthy Balance In Your Diet
Salt intake and Meniere's Disease are thought to be connected.  Too much salt may cause problems for Meniere's sufferers.  This article covers salt and potassium intake as well as amounts of salt and potassium found in everyday foods to help you make an informed decision about what foods to eat and how much salt you are taking in daily.


Meniere's Disease, Your Body And Balance

Can an out of alignment body cause or contribute to Meniere's Disease symptoms?  A couple of chiropractors and massage therapists answer that question.


Chronic Illness And The Family: Understanding It And Offering Some Support.

If you are a family member of someone suffering from Meniere's Disease, this article will help you understand the caregivers role in their life.


June 29, 2004


A Health Question About Tinnitus

This is an article Karin rewrote for an online health column in response to a question about Tinnitus.  It is quite informative and worth the read.


June 28, 2004


Meniere's Disease in Detail
Meniere's Disease in Detail explains in greater detail what Meniere's Disease is and how it affects the body and your balance.  This is a good starting point if you have just been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease.



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