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What Finally Worked so David Could Get Relief from his Meniere's Disease Symptoms

We put this page together to give people a more detailed explanation of what David, and numerous others, have used to get relief from their Meniere's disease symptoms and why we think it helped him to get back on his feet so quickly. Some people just want the system information. Please feel free to skip the explanation about David and others, and scroll to the bottom of this page and use the System Information request form.

We have been helping people with their Meniere's symptoms since 2000 and we have gathered a lot of relevant information. Because of FDA and Health Canada regulations, we are not able to share this online. But we will happily share it via an email request. We get numerous emails every day and everyone is answered personally, but it might take a day or two.

You truly have to appreciate the seriousness of the suffering we were ALL experiencing in order to see how a set of nutritional supplements could make such a huge difference!  David was finally able to get the relief from his Meniere's disease symptoms that he had been desperately searching for over several years.

Before this David had hidden away in his home office, sprawled in his chair, eyes closed and very depressed. He would crawl up the stairs to go to bed. Often he refused to eat. He spent many hours in bed with a bucket on the floor beside him. That was his existence for months!

When we received the email about these supplements, he was past skepticism or debate. We had these in the house and amazingly, he was willing to try something so unusual! But as we have received thousands of emails since then, we know his is simply an example of many other lives.

This may not seem terribly scientific, but many many people have achieved similar results since we first shared this information online in 2000.

What Finally Worked so David Could Get Relief from his Meniere's Disease Symptoms?

We received a most welcome email from a doctor’s wife who suggested we try a certain set of nutritional supplements. Her husband had tried them for his Meniere's disease symptoms and felt much better. As we all know, a doctor’s opinion caries a lot of weight. As this lady’s husband was a doctor, David listened. (Elsewhere on this site we mention two doctors. People want to know the names of these doctors, but we are not at liberty to post them.) This gentleman actually was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease: the “system" allowed him to continue his practice. The other doctor uses the “system" in his regular practice.

This “system” includes one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory/ antioxidant products available. They are used in conjunction with several other products, each having its own purpose. The idea behind the nutritional supplements is to support your immune system so it can function at its optimal ability. A healthy immune system then can look after your body's needs. That is its primary purpose.

Again, we apologize in not being able to mention the names precisely, but these are protected by copyright. But we named it “David's Meniere's Disease “System”, the “system” for short.

It contains:
• A specially formulated Vitamin & Mineral Product
• A very powerful, specially formulated antioxidant
• A specially formulated Gingko
• A specially formulated Calcium

This “system” offers the best all-round support and products. Just my opinion, and of course, David's. at that time, you couldn't get him to give these up for anything!!

David’s Progress

Being an onlooker in David's Meniere's disease process before we discovered the “system” was like watching a slow death: VERY, very sad and hopeless. I can't imagine BEING the person to whom this was happening.

David started to get glimpses of relief from his Meniere's disease symptoms in about three weeks and he continued to improve. Others have been helped in different time frames. Most people see some sort of results within three or four weeks. The relief and results seem to depend on the severity of the disease and other possible related conditions, such as your present health.

Everyone is so different. Sometimes people need to get rid of toxins in their bodies, first. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

Most of the time the vertigo is the first Meniere's disease symptom to improve. It seems to be the most debilitating thing for many people. Once people can work and function, they can at least regain some of their "lost" lives.

Please know that although I'm a nurse, I can only tell you how I see things from my own understanding. I am not a doctor. That's why we always say "what works for ”. I can't prescribe nor do I ever promise. But we can certainly share other people’s experiences. Our bodies are all different and react differently to everything we put into them.

It also took months to get an appointment for hearing tests. Once the results came, an MRI was done. As we look back now, we realize that this has taken years. Years of trying to get some answers and hope: years with progressively increasing hearing loss and worsening balance symptoms.

Before getting on these supplements, David spent most of his time in bed. His hearing was already a bit low. Now he also had a huge “cover” of static which he described “as a badly tuned radio, full of static”. You already know about his balance, or lack of balance. So he was severely depressed. He had lost all hope of ever getting better. Luckily he still had an interest in using the Internet. On good days, he would search for answers for his symptoms. We were open to anything that could give us some hint of hope.

Most of these Meniere’s Disease symptoms are now gone. There is continued hearing loss, but even that is better, clearer. The “horrible static filled” ear, the intense vertigo, and the bothersome dizziness are gone. “David” is "back". He is now able to do everything he could do before his problems started. He is driving!

He was able to function (and drive) perfectly after roughly six months. (We didn’t think to track it specifically.)  It has been a long, challenging time, but a very worthwhile journey. We truly have a much better appreciation of our health and hearing!

My thoughts as to why this works, what the supplements are meant to do routinely.

To my way of thinking, our bodies are meant to be "in balance" and “healthy”. That means every part (cell, tissue, organ, system) is doing its assigned job. One part is meant to do one thing and another is meant to do something else. But as a whole, they are meant to work in unison. And in order to help each other, balance is the order. In medical terminology, this is known as homeostasis. Together “everything” creates one very harmonious and healthy body.

Here is a quick, basic biology lesson. We have thousands of different TYPES of cells in our nine body systems and therefore millions of cells. So every one of these cells requires food to live. This “system” is based on the need for the individual cell to be “fed” appropriately. In some cases, the body first needs to be helped to clean out unwanted elements and then get fed to maintain its healthy standard.

This is the time element part no one can estimate. Only those ingredients that are needed and can be used by the body, are supplied by these products. This, in a VERY, VERY simplistic way, is how cell culture technology functions.

It is MY belief that if we already took in enough vitamin and mineral "coverage", our immune system would be able to handle this "Meniere's disease glitch", these balance and hearing symptoms. But it doesn't seem to be able to. What could be missing? So by providing all the required ingredients, the body can choose what it needs.

Earlier I mentioned how the body desires to create “homeostasis” (balance)? In order for it to do that, it borrows constantly from one part to another. Could it run out of things to borrow? Why not, if you don't supply it with what it needs.

By providing all the ingredients your body could need, you now giving it a variety of nutrients it can use immediately. that is the purpose of these supplements. You are now actively taking back control over our own health. As David put himself on the the “system”, he was now getting back to a healthy state. This worked beautifully for him. It has helped him eliminate the vertigo, dizziness and ringing in his ear (tinnitus).

What didn’t work for David

One of David's big challenges was getting a correct Meniere's disease diagnosis.  I, of course, knew little about Meniere's Disease outside of a textbook. No one in our circle of acquaintances even hinted at having the disease. (Of course we now realize that few people want to share this “news” with others outside of their immediate families.) So we paid little attention to his problems. It was brought to our attention in a shocking way! He crawled along the floor to get to bed! A grown man! There would be many more of those episodes. Or he would walk holding on to the wall or hold onto chairs, or people. Anything that could keep him upright!

Everything seemed to take such a long time and so many tests in order to come up with a diagnosis. Eventually we learned that he had all the classic symptoms of Meniere's Disease. However it was a relief to put a name to something that changed our lives so dramatically. David had to retire from our store. It was closed down. He just couldn't look after customers when his vertigo was so severe and unpredictable. There was fluorescent lighting which seemed to make it worse. Even driving was questionable.

Throughout all this he tried all the usual remedies.
• Low salt diet for Meniere's disease (We did eliminate salt from the cooking. It made a pretty bland spaghetti sauce which we "doctored" up)
• Water pills (didn’t have any effect.)
• SERC (an antihistamine that worked occasionally)
• And many different decongestants and anti-inflammatories. (All stopped working eventually.)

He refused to have any kind of surgery, choosing instead to put up with the Meniere's disease symptoms. David had spent a very long time going back and forth to doctors and hospitals, trying to find out what was wrong with him. When he did finally get the answer that it was Meniere's Disease, he was then told that there were no answers as to how to recover from this affliction. So eventually he even stopped doing any of the traditional recommendations.


As a family, we spent a lot more time trying to help David find answers about Meniere's Disease as well as helping him throughout the days and weeks ahead. Some of those days were very bad for David and us as a family, others were quite good. The only problem was that the good days wee flowed by bad days. They always lurked around the corner. So nobody could really enjoy the good ones. Since stress is also a big contributor to Meniere's attacks, there was no escape. You can read more about David's story here.

Then we discovered a doctor that had Meniere's Disease, but had been attack free for quite some time. Suddenly, there seemed to be hope. David contacted the Doctor and the Doctor explained what he was using to get relief from his Meniere's Disease symptoms. Since David went on the same recommended system, he has also been virtually symptom free. This is what we want to offer you, a chance.

We would be very happy to communicate with you if have any Meniere's questions. Let us know if you wanted to find out specifically what worked for David to get relief from his Meniere's disease. Email is best as we can send you relevant information quickly.

We would be happy to share our insight you have about this disease. Health Canada (since we are in Canada and must follow their rules) and the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say that anytime you connect a disease with a possible solution, you are now diagnosing. We are allowed to correspond privately with you through email to provide more helpful information. That includes what helped David and others to find relief from their Meniere's Disease symptoms.

This is the System Information request form

We respond to every email request within a few days. If you have requested the system information from us and you did not get a reply, please email us again. If it has taken longer than this, then our reply to you has been lost somewhere, or we have not received your email request for some reason.

If you are filling out the form, please give me as much detail as you feel comfortable giving out. If you want us to call you, please put in your phone number and the best time to call and one of us will get back to you ASAP. I get numerous requests every day and the ones with the phone numbers are the first ones I respond to because of the time zone differences.


If you have a general Meniere's Disease question, please use this link to the General Meniere's Question form.  We would also be very happy to talk with you if have any Meniere's questions.  We can be reached at 604-463-8666 (Pacific Time Zone).

By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.




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