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Not All Nutritional Supplements Are Made Equal

The Essential Ingredients

So you think you might need a nutritional supplement. If you're like most people, you won't know what you need, or how much you should pay, and how to put all the pieces together.

Your body serves you well and you need to serve it equally well!

We live in a fast-paced world where the quality of nutrition is suspect. Research says we need far more nutrients than we are getting. This is especially true in trying to counteract all the free radicals we produce just by living in our present environment. (Very simply put, free radicals are disease-causing elements.)

May I ask you a few questions:

  • Are you full of energy?
  • Do you feel happy and relaxed most of the time?  
  • Are you excited and anxious to start your day?

A healthy body allows you to carry out your dreams and gives you freedom. It gives the mobility to go ahead with your day's activities without discomfort or resistance from stiff muscles, respiratory problems, allergies, etc. It won't cause you pain and problems.

It also gives you the ability to resist degenerative diseases, to fight allergies, to reclaim energy and a much more positive outlook on life. It gives you hope.

As a baby, your health was almost perfect. You were exposed to many "opportunities" yet you caught few colds, and when you did, they were gone quickly. You were surrounded by lots of disease-causing microorganisms, yet you didn't get sick very often.

What gave you that cover of protection? How could your body handle all these physical challenges then?
In a nutshell, it was the foods you ate and they in turn "fed" your immune system: they provided all the nutrients you needed.

So the basic question is: is it possible to eat in such a way again so as to have a healthy lifestyle? Yes it's possible, but it does take some commitment and maybe some changes.

For a healthy lifestyle, we need certain nutrients to keep us going and our bodies can't manufacture these. You need a balance of certain vitamins and minerals plus several other elements, including some known as bioflavonoids. This balanced mixture feeds your cells and THAT is how you get proper cell function.

Current research tells us that because of environmental challenges, including pollution and stress, our foods don't contain all that is needed.

So in order to have the right "mixture", you need to find the right ingredients, the correct amounts, the precise balance, and the best form of these ingredients available.

Where can you find:


National health organizations have determined that we need 13 organic compounds and 19 inorganic elements for proper cell function. Because these cells are constantly under siege from free radical damage, there needs to be something extra to counteract that damage. This is looked after by another group of elements called antioxidants.


Known as RDAs, they are "Recommended Dietary Allowances". This is understood to mean that if you ingested this amount of nutrients, your cells would live and not get scurvy. It would also prevent acute dietary deficiencies. So if you wanted more than the minimums, you would have to do some searching. Most nutritional supplement companies only meet these standards. It is known that you need more.


Relatively little is known as to how all these elements work in harmony. However, it is known that some nutrients work better with some than with others, and some on their own, create more problems. It's a very complex field that is only now being researched in depth. For "optimum cellular function" you need the "right combinations".


Lastly and most importantly there is no point in taking vitamins and minerals if your body can't use it. It must be of excellent quality AND be bioavailable. This means that they must be available to your cells NOW. The body must be able to absorb it into the bloodstream for immediate use.

If you choose the appropriate supplement, it will: support cellular metabolism and counteract free radicals damage. That's your basic goal!


Everyday people buy bottles and jars full of individual nutrients, hoping to strike the "right combination". Because they don't know what to look for, they fall far short of their objective. On top of that they have spent a lot of money.

It's tricky to get the right ingredients. Could you put all these concepts together for yourself? Most people don't want to go to that much trouble. They would rather leave it up to the experts, so obviously you may want to find these experts as well. And will it cost an arm and a leg? It shouldn't! Find yourself a trustworthy company who has YOUR interests at heart. Ask around. I guarantee you will find some excellent products, with the "right combination" And they won't cost the earth! You will "pay" for the required research, but nothing like the cost of getting the incorrect combination in thirty two bottles of products!

Now you that know just what is needed in a nutritional supplement, check out the one you are taking right now. Does it meet all the requirements to give you peace of mind? Does it give you the best value for you can afford to pay?

In conclusion, now you know that an effective nutritional supplement should contain 13 organic compounds and 19 inorganic elements in the "right combinations", be of excellent quality AND be in a balanced highly bioavailable form. If all of this is done in a manufacturing facility that meets all the standards for continuous, rigorous quality control standards, you have a top notch product that will serve you and your cells well. This will give your cells enough nutrition to keep your system moving forward: not standing still nor going backwards.

  • You will be full of energy!
  • You will feel happy and relaxed most of the time!  
  • And you'll be excited and anxious to start your day!  
  • You will have a productive day that leads to a fruitful week, which leads to an awesome month, which can lead to a superb year!

By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to replace consultation with trained health care professionals. The publisher and author are not responsible for any adverse consequences of effects resulting from the use of any of the information or suggestions contained in this article. All research has been done in good faith, using recognized sources.


I have spent many years in different fields of nursing, including Operating Rooms, Community Health, and Management. I am now a clinical and classroom college nursing instructor. Because I teach about the body and its response to illness or degeneration, I provide a different perspective and information that could link problem conditions to possible solutions. I have a great understanding of health and wellness, and with this knowledge I am able to help people enjoy a better quality of life.

I am always available and willing to help people with health questions and concerns on an individual basis. If you have some health questions or concerns that you would like answered, please send me an email and tell me how I can help you. If you want to, you can also include your phone number and the best time to call you and I will get back to you ASAP.


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