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My name is Denise and suffered terribly from Meniere's Disease symptoms from about 1995


I remember one day driving home from work on the highway. All of a sudden I had a Meniere's Disease attack, the vertigo was coming on fiercely and there I was, sweating and shaking. Luckily, I pulled over and made it to the breakdown lane laying down in the car. I tried desperately to flag down a passerby with no avail. I drove off the exit and got out of the car feeling as though I had just drank a case of beer trying to walk a straight line.

A complete stranger drove me to the hospital and it hit me then the reality of having to seek something new and much more effective if I was going to live any kind of normal life.


Back when this all started, I had no idea of what was happening, I had no idea that what I was experiencing would turn out to be Meniere's disease.  All I knew were the horrible consistent debilitating symptoms that I was having: Vertigo, reoccurring infections, low immunity, headaches, circulation impairment.


Eventually I was diagnosed with Meniere's, along with many other autoimmune related conditions as well.  As the symptoms and conditions worsened, I was only little help from my doctors. The doctors simply did not know what to do for me.


I had no choice, I had to leave to quit my job because I was losing my focus from the symptoms and the vertigo attacks I was having in the office, and because I had to take so many days off.


Now that I was cut off from others, no longer around other people and coworkers, I found myself so very ill, isolated and depressed with no solutions or relief in sight for this horrible situation (as there still is no 'cure' for Meniere's disease).


At this point, I started trying 'everything', but all I ran into were people who 'thought' they knew what it was, but actually did not know and could not admit that they were not able to help me.


I found a naturopath and she helped me to understand the world of herbology. With this new insight and understanding.  I was just hoping to find lasting relief but I found that the supplements the Naturopath was giving me for my Meniere's disease were not really helping me to get well... She advised way too many bottles (many 'remedies' for each symptom), and of various brands.... keeping track was confusing let alone becoming very toxic to my body.

(note: the System that I am now on, that is finally giving me relief from my Meniere's disease symptoms, has only a few nutritionals and from the same manufacturer, all designed to work together synergistically, safely, and effectively working through the body as a whole.)

Just to feel well and be able to function is all I ever really wanted.

Sadly, I had come to find that the naturopath's remedies were only a temporary fix, a bandaid not addressing the underlying issues that I was suffering with...  I would be feeling well for a while only to crash again and I was never relieved of the horror of vertigo.

I began getting so ill that I was bedridden some days and I was always housebound, some of the time living alone. My overall condition, my well being and my immune system became progressively worse. Every time I experienced the vertigo, it was having an effect on my vision, my hearing, my overall balance, etc. and it really scared me.

I had more motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and many allergic reactions and intolerances. My primary doctor then strongly suggested I discontinue Everything but meds and basic vitamins so my system could have a chance to recover on its own.
I only realized later that he couldn't be more right!

In 2003, I started the same system that David was introduced to by his doctors.  I did agree that I needed antioxidants, and pure vitamins that my body could tolerate and assimilate easily. I needed these to be balanced, so that they would not alter the natural chemistry of my body. And, I needed them to be chelated, so my body could decide itself how much of what it needed each day. I wanted my cells to feel clean and alive aiding the elimination process, like an ongoing cleanse.

I finally found ALL THIS AND MORE and never regretted trying this 'last risk of something'. So glad I did because it truly Has done and continues to do all I need and more as time passes.


I have No More symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, fullness or head pressure.  I have more energy and I am no longer catching every infection going around.  I can count on my day ahead, and most importantly...I feel so much myself again living life!

The System I used for my Meniere's disease symptoms has been, and will always be, working for the better for me and my health; continuously cleansing, healing, detoxing, and now preventing which is what I mostly so desperately needed but did not really realize it.

One year after I started on the recommendation, I became part of Karin Henderson's Online Meniere's disease team because I was totally convinced that these supplements really have a great potential to help people become well again... but that is if they are diligent, etc... listening very very closely to the changes in patterns, and allowing patience when necessary... people with Meniere's disease-type symptoms but also all kinds of conditions.

It has been in my heart to be there for them; giving support, resources, and guidance while on the System. I wanted to do my part in giving back what I got and that is my life. I discovered my health is everything to me.

Our message is that our bodies have the wonderful ability to heal themselves provided being open and willing to learning a new perspective on these symptoms plus this wonderful unique nutritional medicine.

We are not alone, and we don't have to live with Meniere's disease.. as, sadly, we are so often told.





Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



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