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Success Stories

I am just writing a quick note to let you know how well I am feeling. I have been on the supplements now for just over one year and when I compare my lifestyle to this time last year, it is amazing. At times I still experience tinnitus and try to work out what may have triggered this.

We are flying off to Australia for Christmas and New Year to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday. Also I have begun to look around for part time work, it is so wonderful to be able to communicate again and go to town on my own!

I hope this finds you and David well and I wish you both and your family a Happy Christmas.



I cannot believe it. My tinnitus is virtually gone. It is so slight in my right ear, I can barely notice it unless it is silent, and I am concentrating very hard. How beautiful is every sound I hear today!! Even the crinkling of a bag, or running of water sounds wonderful.

As a believer, I credit my prayers for this, but I truly believe the supplements were a big part of the answer. The increased amounts must have been what I was needing in my body chemistry. After just three days of increasing the amounts, here I am with a good long overdue!

Thank you, thank you for always checking in with me and being such a support. I know once you gain a client you don't have to do that, but you do anyway, and that tells me you have a big heart and are trustworthy. So is your product.

Thank you, again, and I just praise God that He sent your website my way in time of need. I can now function as a Mom much more effectively. It is only one day so far, but how grateful I am for that day.






In terms of the Doctor’s; I had asked at the time of diagnoses if he thought it could possibly be allergies. He of course said no and I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. I still to this day have reservations whether or not I actually have Meniere's Disease or whether it was a severe allergy reaction. Oooh another very important part I forgot to add below is about how bad my memory has been affected by all of this some days I feel like a real ditz. Some of the things I have forgotten have been just horrible. See one of the most important symptoms and I forgot to tell you.

Thank you for all of your help and support. It has been truly appreciated.




I have been meaning to write back to you, but my kids have taken over my computer, and each time I sit down here, they are coming to see what I am doing.

As for my health, I firmly believe I am on the right track. I think I started the USANA products in March 2007 and my last dizzy spell was in June 2007. That alone is amazing enough, considering the frequency had been increasing for the past year. I was at the point where I was having 4 good weeks and then dizziness almost every day for 4 weeks. It was taking it's toll on my life, since I have 2 small active kids and couldn't participate in their lives during my dizzy time. Even when I wasn't dizzy, I was so cautious that I didn't want to drive with them in the car, just in case.

But, now, I feel good and I have my confidence back. I don't hold back on anything. I am also eating a wider range of foods now, not just low sodium. I minimize salty foods and stay away from fast food, but do indulge and am enjoying dining with my family.

I can honestly say that I did have a serious detox period for the first 2 months on the vitamins. I felt tired and was continuously sick with colds, one right after another. But I have not even had a cold since, which is great considering my kids bring home all the colds from school.

I do have some congested days and the steaming does help me. Those are the times that I feel a little light headed and fear dizziness is right around the corner, but it never comes. I truly can't believe it.

I still struggle with the cost, but am not willing to risk scaling back. The upside is that I no longer go to the ENT, no longer have steroid treatments, no longer consider having any type of procedure and I no longer go to acupuncture, so I save all of that money. I have my life back and am looking for ways to make a little extra money to help to help compensate.

Thank you for persistence in contacting me. I appreciate all of the information that you send to me and keeping me and my health in your thoughts.

I would encourage anyone struggling with this disease to consider trying the vitamins. I was sceptical in the beginning, but I believe that my body and immune system in healthier now and can handle my Meniere's disease.

Thanks again,




Dear Karin


Thanks so much for your reply.  Both Mum & Dad are well and Mum hasn't had any more vertigo attacks for quite a while.  She is very self-sufficient again and I'm enjoying catching up on my life.  I think she's cut herself back to a maintenance regime with the supplements and so far, so good.  She is certainly making up for lost time by lots of socializing which entails dressing up beautifully - seems to have a new lease on life - which is just beautiful!


Do hope this finds you well and having lots of success with your Meniere's research.  We can't thank you enough for your support and advice when we were desperate.







Hi Karin,


Four years ago I had my first hip replacement, and that is when my Meniere's problem all started. It took a couple years to find you, and after we talked, I believe it was the new hip that triggered the Meniere's symptoms. I started taking the vitamin products in October 2007. After a year, I had NO Tinnitus, NO Ear Congestion,  and most importantly NO Vertigo.


Over the Thanksgiving Holidays, I had my other hip replaced, and only had a couple days when my right ear had some congestion.  For whatever reason I cut back 50% on my dosage after my operation for about two weeks which accounted for the fullness in my ear. I started back on the full dosage and after a couple days my ears were back to normal.


Even though you get relief quickly  in the beginning of the regimen, it takes a year to get full relief and total satisfaction. You are so pleased to get relief from the Vertigo in the beginning, that you don't realize you can have an even more satisfying life. I never dreamed my ears would be free from the fullness, and the tinnitus as well as the vertigo.


I can't thank you enough for making this regimen available for us.





Hello Karin,

I've been meaning to write to you. I've been very busy as I am able to work and continue with my business.

I have to tell you as others have, the supplements are working great. My attacks are far and few in between and when I get them they don't last very long and do not effect me the same way.

Before I started the supplements I was miserable. I even contemplated driving my motorcycle into a tree because I could not stand what was happening to my mind, body and soul. I felt like a failure. I could not believe how systematic this disease is and how it effected so many areas of my life. My wife did not want to hear me complain as I have two young children and the last thing she needed was another one.

I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone, you really are an angel from heaven.

I do have to mention that I was skeptical at first. When I started taking the supplements my body went crazy. I had the worst headache that lasted for 3 weeks. You explained the detox effect as a result of taking the supplements and convinced me to stay on them. My friends and family were concerned that I was being taken for my money and why would supplements make me feel worse. Then slowly the headache went away. Head felt better than it felt in years and continues to feel better. I feel more confident. My panic attacks have gone away, stress is more easy to deal with and my heart does not palpitate like it was when I was having attacks.

I took awhile to write to you because I was afraid to say that I felt better for fear of another unexpected attack.

Thank you once again for your help.





Hi Karin,

I hope this email finds you both well. As promised i wanted to send you a testimonial that you are more than welcome to use in your news letter. Feel free to edit as you like. I still can't thank you enough for changing my life round completely.

Approximately four years ago i was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease following many tests and consultations with various specialists. My symptoms became very severe with the hearing in my left ear being virtually destroyed. On top of this i had sustained periods of extremely high levels of tinnitus in both ears and sporadic hearing loss in my right ear which could last for up to a month at a time. Oh yes and of course to top all of this off i had lots of vertigo attacks for these sustained periods. Most of which would leave me vomiting and bed ridden. Naturally this effected every element of my life and work became almost an impossibility as i work in a hectic office that requires a lot of interaction with customers and staff. Gradually this effected my confidence and i contemplated leaving my job.

During this time i saw yet more specialists and tried all of the recommended conventional treatments for Meniere's such as SERC, Steroids Diuretics etc etc. All to no avail, i was determined not to go down the surgery route as all of the information that i read about it had led me to the conclusion that it is maximum risk for minimum gain and my specialist said that it would only incur deafness in my good ear.

To cut a long story short after trying all kinds of alternative medicines too Acupuncture, Raiki etc i was at a loss and i joined SPIN the British Charity for Meniere's sufferers. All if the information in their help books was fairly negative and there appeared to be no way out of this nightmare and to make matters worse i was off work unable to attend due to the severity of the symptoms. At this point i would of literally tried anything when i came across Karin's website. At first i was very skeptical yet i was intrigued by others testimonials that mirrored my own symptoms and problems. The research and reasoning behind the supplements appeared to make more sense than just being told by doctors to "keep taking the tablets" I had no idea why i was taking them and they just seemed to aggravate the situation and not help me in any way. So i went for it as Karin's confidence in them was extremely high and they offered a money back trial period on the first month anyway if they didn't work anyway.

On receipt of the first batch i was probably at my lowest ebb that i have ever been at in my whole life hence my willingness to try anything. I followed the guidelines as to how to start taking the tablets and building up my immune system properly and within one week i had a massive remission of the deafness in my right ear and all vertigo with a drastic reduction of tinnitus in both ears. I have continued to take the tablets twice daily ever since and can honestly say that I have led a completely normal life since and have returned to work with renewed fervor and energy.

If anyone is still unconvinced by this then I would me more than willing to talk to people who would like any guidance or help as I would like to try and help in the way that Karin and Michael have helped me.

My Kindest regards




Things are going quite well, have even had a few days when the tinnitus is essentially gone, and am generally feeling 95% of my old self; no debilitating symptoms since June of 2006. It seems like it is a long gradual climb back to healthiness, but a positive one nonetheless and I finally seem to be close to the top (my problems started in late 2004 so it is difficult to remember what normal was like, but I am feeling GOOD finally). My thanks to you and Karin and others who have maintained the website that has led me back to health. It is a far cry from my highly touted specialist who offered no hope whatsoever, who never seemed to have any comprehension of the misery that was my life, and who I think never ever really believed that I could have Meniere's because I never ever lost any


Hi Dave,

This is awesome news! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Give yourself a pat on the back persisted and you did it!

I know what you mean about it taking so long...For me the healing came but very gradually... but today I know it was actually underlying healing that took place and is always working as time goes on. It was a struggle for me also especially at the beginning weeks and months of the program because I had been so ill for so long to begin really can take faith to keep it going and also paying attention to what is happening and how the patterns are changing.


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