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Success Stories

Hi again, you sure can use my comments. and another one ...

Before I started on the program I had to hold onto my husband's arm when we walked along if I was going to be looking around, etc. so I wouldn't fall over. Now I can go almost anywhere on my own and looking around (especially up) is not a problem. I still have problems standing on chairs though, but I'm just more careful about how I do it. I have always had a mouthful of amalgam filings (since childhood) and during the last several years had them all removed and replaced. I wonder if that stirred things up???

I feel absolutely worse at home and still haven't been able to identify the source...whether its organic (molds, cat dander, dust) or chemical. Our house has some type of insulation that was spayed into the attic and all the walls( before we bought it) . when the heater is run there is a fine layer of almost fibrous materials on the furniture. It also it supposed to be an insecticide (great combo , huh?)

We have a cabin in the the Sierras and when we go there (every other weekend) I feel fine after the initial altitude change which didn't use to bother me before MMs.

thanks for listening, its nice to be able to talk to someone that doesn't think I'm being over dramatic about how all of this affects me...Ms. Sensitive is my nickname, oh well!

take care Karin,


Judi's Original Comment is below;

Hi Karin,

The program that you recommended starting working after a couple of weeks. I have been on it for over 6 months. I slowly reduced the amounts I was taking until I reduced to half before I noticed any reoccurrence, so I am sticking with that dosage now as long as it keeps working. I was told it can go away as quickly as it came, so I tried going off completely and within 3 days was very dizzy and nausea...I wont do that again.

Thanks so much for having the only advice and solution that worked!!!


Hi Karin:

Just to let you know that I am doing much better since starting on the "system" for Meniere's. I am on my third month and my foggy days far between and don't last as long. I was very skeptical at first about spending the money to try this as I was already taking vitamins and lot of other meds. But I have been so pleased to have so much more energy and to have a clearer mind. I haven't felt this good since I started having the attacks seven years.

I have told other people who suffer from vertigo about this system and I hope they will try it too, as I highly recommend it.



I wanted to tell you how terrific I've been feeling and how grateful I am for all of your help.

I started taking what you recommended the first of October, went from 3-4 eight hour bouts with vertigo to maybe one incident a week, in November, I went to one or two dizzy spells (not true vertigo). 


November 22nd was the last attack I've had! 


And, I've been super busy working, lots of family from the east for Christmas, driving back and forth (400+  miles roundtrip), home now for a week with more family from the east, and still no problems!  Last week, I started to come down with a cold (so much of it going on at work, and I've been working 50-60 hrs. a week)  I thought, well, you've really gone too far Susan, now you'll pay!  But, I'm over whatever I was trying to catch - has to be the vitamins!  I watch my diet, especially the sodium, I've had quite a bit of dental work done (2 new crowns -  root cleaning, still have 2 small fillings to redo - no more Mercury fillings in my mouth).

Last fall when I started looking for some help on the internet, I really felt I'd lost control of my life - a very depressing thought for anyone especially those of use who are used to leading very active lives.  My physicians were of no help - they just throw up their hands and say take valium.....

I can now do all the things I love to do, thanks to your dedication. If you ever get down our way, I'd love to meet with you - I'll keep in touch. Again, I thank you and so does my family.




Went to the DR. a week ago Friday. My hearing has improved some, and no dizzy spells for almost 3 weeks now (knock on wood). So I am feeling better, so far so good. Thanks for asking. Keep in touch.


Hello Karin,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Its been quite busy here in household as we prepare to move to California. I received the products and have begun taking them, for about a week now. I think its still too early to tell. Although, I do feel great. Today I had a small attack, but it did not last very long and was quite mild.



Hi Karin

I just placed an order yesterday and here in Australia there hasn't been any problems only that their computer system was down but I rang back when it was back up again.

Just to let you know I am feeling fantastic back to my old self once again, no more dizziness and the tinnitus has reduced somewhat along with the fullness, I was somewhat skeptical about the whole thing in the beginning but now I know I have cleared my body out of all its toxins and feeling 110% better.

I will let you know when I receive my order.


Hi Karin,

I had been thinking I needed to report how Darrell is feeling. Last week when he was home, he said he is feeling MUCH better. We also realized that he should have received another shipment and hadn't. And since he wouldn't be home for 2 weeks, he called. Come to find out they had tried to use our old Discover card that had been discontinued and it was denied. Here is the man that a few weeks ago, wouldn't be inconvenienced with vitamins-now in a panic because his vitamins had to get there in 2 days!! So he gave them our new card number again and asked them to overnight the vitamins! He says for the first time in years, he no longer has leg cramps and never even thought about vitamins helping that. He is now almost back to his old self. He says his head bothers him when he is tired or has eaten some things with too much sodium. So I think he is happy with how much he is taking. We appreciate what you have done for us!!!! How is David doing?

Thanks again!!!!!!


Dear Karin,

So sorry I have waited so long to finally sit down to write my testimonial for the "system".

Two years ago, while at work (at a dentist office), I lost my hearing in my left ear. All day I tried to get it to unstop by popping it, but to no avail.

The next day when I went to work, I kept feeling very dizzy. I had no idea what was going on, and then, suddenly, the room started to spin and I couldn't even stand upright. I started to vomit uncontrollably and a family member had to be called to come get me from work. I spent the rest of the day in bed feeling the worst I had ever felt in all my life.

The next day started a routine of seeing doctors and going through tons of tests that would last for about 4 months. I finally was diagnosed with Meniere's disease and put on valium and diuretics, as well as a salt and sugar free diet. These helped somewhat to control violent vomiting sessions, but from time to time, I still had to go to the hospital because of not being able to stop the vomiting.

I had never been so depressed in all my life. I felt as if my former life were over. I had to quit my job, no longer able to drive myself to work, and even if I were able to get there, 3 days out of the week I had to call someone to come bring me home.

My husband and I loved to travel, and the vacation we loved the most was to cruise. Needless to say, we no longer traveled. I was scared to death to even leave my house to go to the grocery store, much less get on a rocking ship!!

One of the doctors that I was seeing suggested that I go to a specialist who performed operations on Meniere's patients, and so off I went. He told me that the procedures were not really that successful, and that I would probably lose most of my hearing in my left ear, and that actually patients who lost most of their hearing fared better than those who did not. I left his office not very impressed with the odds.

Out of desperation, I looked on the net about Meniere's to see what I could find out. That, my friends is the day that changed my life. I read David's story, and just couldn't believe that this could be true. I was so sick that day, that I had my son write to Karin for some information.

To say that I was skeptical, is to say the least. Poor Karin!! She corresponded with me for about 5-6 months before I took the plunge. I was soooo sick, that I thought: what could I lose? Even though the vitamins were a little expensive, it would still be cheaper than the meds I was on, and I am all for all natural alternatives. I just didn't really think it would work.

Like I said, I finally took the plunge and had Karin order the vitamins for me. For the first month, I saw a bit of a change in the fact that I no longer got dizzy. I still had a lot of stuffiness in my head and the fog, but I could function!! I could actually get out of bed and off of the couch long enough to do laundry and cook. It was nothing short of amazing.

The next month, only got better. No stuffiness, no fog, no nagging headache, absolutely no dizziness.

It has been about 9-10 months since I started on the "system", and I have had no, I mean no dizzy spells. My life is wonderful again. We have been on two cruises since, and I never had one moment of trouble whatsoever.

I am sitting here sobbing like a baby as I tell my tale, because to tell you the truth my friend, I really didn't trust that this could ever be so good to be true. It really is.

My only regret is that I didn't take a chance sooner, because I could have been feeling better sooner. I only know that I will never be without my vitamins again!!

As a side note: I eat what I want when I want. I have gained 20 pounds in the process :( but I am working on that. :) I haven't taken any medicine in almost 9 months.

If anyone sees this testimony and suffers like I did with Meniere's, please don't hesitate to at least give this a try. You will be surprised beyond your wildest imagination!!

Thank you once again Karin, and to your husband for giving sufferers like me a chance at life again.


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