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Success Stories

Dear Karin,

I am writing to tell you that the system you and David have suggested to control Meniere's Disease using the products David's doctors recommended has made such a difference to my life.

I have suffered from Meniere's Disease for about five years, and it became progressively worse over those years. I became unable to drive any great distances, shopping in supermarkets was impossible and even visiting the hairdressers was very difficult as the lights and mirrors and noise just made matters worse. During those years I changed from being a lively, adventurous and outgoing person to someone who was almost homebound, scared and mourning the loss of my independence and freedom. I tried every possible thing available from the doctors, prescriptive drugs such as SERC, which was hopeless, homeopathic remedies and acupuncture. Nothing worked.

Feeling at my lowest the end of last year, with panic attacks also developing, (I assume as a result of my lack of confidence), I carried out my daily surf on the WEB for something to help and found your Web page explaining Davidís Story and how he had found a way to get Meniere's under control. It seemed too good to be true but scepticism doesnít really come into the equation while feeling so desperate.

You ordered the prescribed package for me in November of last year and 2 months later I was beginning to feel like a different person Ė no more constant dizziness, no light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, no feeling of being totally unreal and total exhaustion. Instead I felt a growing sense of energy and began to regain my feeling of well-being. I really canít believe the difference these tablets have made to my life. I drive long distances, I am currently finishing my Fine Art degree and there is little problem getting to tutorials and having the energy to do the work. I have returned to my physical, outgoing and fun-loving self and itís like the five years before I started taking David's system was all a very bad dream.

I canít thank you enough for the support you have shown me and the kindness and understanding you showed listening to my problems last November for an HOUR AND A HALF calling Canada to UK. You are truly someone who really cares and knows that this  does actually work.

Thank you for giving me my life back again.

Kindest Regards


Thanks for the update. I guess I have been on the system that David is on faithfully
since sometime in January. I have had no dizziness for almost 2 and half months and the tinnitus is completely gone. Stress use to be a constant aggravating factor with respect to my Meniere's but no longer seems to have any impact - yeah!

Thanks again.

Kim, Ontario


I received your request for a testimonial on my experience with Meniere's.

I called you in November of last year after finding your website surfing. I have been dealing with Meniere's disease for 8 years. I have been to 4 different ENT's and 2 supposed specialists. With the standard routine of prescription drugs to that included Meclizine, Valium, Astilin, Flonase, diuretics, and a suppository for some reason. I have a mild case from what I have read. For about 3 months a year I would be down due to the vertigo, nausea, and drop attacks. Hearing in my left ear is affected and I have
been told on several occasions I would never get the hearing back. Several months later my hearing would return to near normal each time.

In May of last year I was hit with a severe attack that lasted until December. The last major attack I had was on December 25, 2001. I started taking the supplements that David has been taking the week of Thanksgiving. I have been feeling great since the middle of January.

I have family in the mountains of North Carolina and have not been able to drive or ride in the mountains for numerous years. This year I drove for 12 hours and spent Easter in the mountains. I have also had enough energy to put down ceramic tile in several rooms in the house. This has been a FANTASTIC find for me and I THANK YOU !!


Ron, Florida


An update on how I have been feeling: I think I told you that since we got back from our cruise I have been eating anything and everything in sight.

This has been going on for over three weeks now. Nothing had affected me until this week-end when I ate Chinese food. Not a lot, but enough to make my ear go out. Well, I should clarify that I guess, because besides the Chinese food I ate, I also had a lot of sugar, and was under quite a bit of stress as well. I had to speak in front of a crowd of about two thousand people, and I was a bit nervous. So it may have not been the Chinese food in itself, but a combination of all of those things.

I have decided to get back on the salt-free, sugar-free way of eating again, but this time by choice. I have to admit that I feel so much better eating that way. It has more to do with how I feel in general, rather than how it affects my ear.

I really feel that the "system" is working wonderfully, because even when I don't feel real great because my ear is acting up, it is nothing compared to what it used to be like. I can function, and that is such a relief to me. I really feel like I am getting better all the time, and if I can get back on track with eating right, I know I will feel even better!!

I really am thankful to you and David for sharing your experience on the net, so I could have the courage to give it a try. I really didn't think I would ever have a life again, and now I am looking forward to each new day! I am also telling others of my experience so they can be helped too.

Sorry I chewed your ear off! Talk to you soon.


Thought for the day: Laughter is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside!!

Hi Karin!

Just wanted you to know I received the supplements for the system David has been using almost 2 weeks ago and am very, very impressed! At first I thought it was the power of suggestion that I felt so good, but I know better! I have taken vitamins and I have taken vitamins, but these are something else.

Yes, I definitely have more energy. The viral labrynthitis (or whatever it really is) is definitely improving, albeit quite slowly. But that's okay. I'm going to get well and stay well. I will not be without these products.

Thanks again for your concern for my health and the valuable advice regarding these supplements.



Update with Diane:

Karin -

Yes, please share my letter with Dr. Strand. I would like to give him a big hug! Oh - and an added bonus - I'm noticing my skin (face) is healthier-looking, smoother, younger etc. I take good care of my skin anyway, but this is making it better. And since I turned 47 last fri., I need all the help I can get! It only makes sense that it's the health coming from the inside. My friends see me gulping down all these vitamins after dinner and they ask me "can you really tell a difference?" I say, "oh, you better believe it"! So, I'm a believer!

Well, have a splendid day and thanks for the ordering info.



Hello, been busy so am late answering you. Sure you can tell people how happy I am since starting the program. I truly believe the ''vitamins and minerals are doing what drugs could not do" I also believe they are helping my body as a whole. I seem to feel better all over. Now if I could get my arthritis under control I'd have it made.

Must be my age. I will soon need more anti-oxidants as mine is running low. Have a great day.


Update with Ethel:

Sorry I haven't written sooner. Had a few problems. Things are going well now. My ear problem seems to be over. This has really been great.

Seems so good to be able to stand up and be steady. I often forget I ever had a problem. I appreciate your interest and your nice card. You have been such a help, and I am grateful. Hope all is well with you.

Sincerely Ethel

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