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Success Stories

Hi Karin,

I had to cry when you sent me the story on Terry. Please keep me informed on how he does. I sent him an e-mail to tell him what wonders that the system David is using has done for me. I encouraged him to stick with the supplements and not give up. I am just so thrilled over the supplements. They have changed my life. I have had no vertigo or drop attacks for two months now.

It is amazing. I still have some ringing in my ear but can live with that. This system has finally given me a new lease on life. I will probably take these for life. I have you to also thank for helping me to get started on them and for being so understanding and talking to me. These supplements have not only got my Meniere's under control but have given me more energy than I have had since I was a teenager. I feel better than I have felt in ten years. Thanks Karin.

Yes Karin, You may use any info. that I send to you if it can help others. I am so amazed with the results of these products that I would like to see other people give them a try to get a new lease on life as I have. I feel like a new person!!!


Hi Karin,

Long time no hear from. Just like to give you an update .

Feeling much better been on David's system for 5 weeks brain fog almost gone, as is dizziness and that overall bad feeling. Still have noise in my ears some days worse than others, but I can put up with that. I also think its helping with my diabetes. I cut my insulin from 30 to 25 units, I think that's great.

Hope you & David are doing well hope to talk soon


Hi Karin

They sure are working fine, and to think I doubted you!!! (when asked if we could use his comments to encourage others) you can use anything you want to. Glad to have met you


Dear Karin,

Returned home from England on Monday with the supplements.  Many thanks, all OK and I am feeling much better - head much clearer and noises quieter.  Long may it last!


Hi Karin,

Don't remember if you remember me or not, but I'm Debbie, the one that you talked to on the phone for a long time in Missouri. I am the one that has Meniere's. Just wanted to fill you in on the progress since I started taking the all those pills that I had to gag down at first. I started taking them on the 26th of December and really had a hard time swallowing all those pills at first. They made me feel kind of sick at first but I stuck with them.

I don't know how they are working with the Meniere's yet but I have definitely noticed a difference in the ear ringing and am not as dizzy as I normally am. Seems like some of the brain fog has cleared up. It's probably too soon to notice much of a difference on that yet. But I wanted to let you know that in the past two weeks I have felt better than I have in ages as far as the depression, anxiety and have more energy than I have had in years. I can't believe the difference. I have taken every vitamin on the market it seems like and nothing worked. I wanted to sleep all the time and was exhausted almost all the time mentally and physically. I'm so excited about the difference in the way my body is feeling. The energy that I thought was long gone for ever has came back. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything, just stay home and sleep if I could. I don't know what's in these supplements, but I know that I want to stay with them.

Get back to me and let me know what you think and also was wondering if you had an opinion on how long it would take before I noticed a big difference with the Meniere's.

I'm starting to have a new outlook on life and there are not enough words to thank you for leading me to this and talking with me on the phone for so long.


After Debbie wrote this short message, she sent us a long message detailing her condition, and everything that she had been going through over the years.  It was so detailed that we had to put it on its' own page.  Please click here if you want to read Debbie's story.

Dear Karin & David:

I apologize for not responding to you sooner.

As to my condition I am recovering nicely. Occasionally I still have some bad days. I just have to listen to my body and not do too much. I do get carried away at times like playing tennis 4 - 5 times a week. I do get the warning signs and haven't had another drop attack.

I don't know if I mentioned this to you, but while I was surfing the website I came across a list of "Drugs with Tinnitus Side Effects" and the high blood pressure medication my doctor prescribed was on it. I was taking the medication for a little over 2 months when I had my first drop attack. Prior to that I had signs that my body was not up to par but couldn't figure what was really causing it besides not being on a strict diet. Was sick for a month and took another month before I started to feel better.

When I first started taking the supplements I thought my body was rejecting them because I was so lethargic, did not feel good and just wanted to sleep. Was taking the supplements on and off hoping that my system would get use to it until I got your e-mail stating that people taking it for the first time may want to sleep long hours because the antioxidants was cleaning out the pollutants in the body. As of now, I am taking the supplements without any problems.

Please sign me up for your newsletter. I am forwarding your Health Information Newsletter and your website to a friend who has a friend that has Meniere's Disease. Highly recommended that the person contact you or David because both of you have been so helpful.

Thanks again for all your help.


Morning Karin,

I am doing better with my Meniere's since starting the supplements, not just the vertigo but the brain fog I was in for so long has lifted. I don't feel so awkward while engaging in intellectual conversations anymore. My allergies did better this pollen season as well. I believe that Meniere's is caused by several scenarios whether allergies, immune deficiency, viruses, etc., but all available remedies were to mask the effects of MM and not help cure the issue. I believe that the supplements have helped me help myself. I had/have one small obstacle to overcome which is over the years I became paranoid that I would have an attack and sometimes that would bring on an attack. I still deal with the feeling of anxiety of having an attack but they never come. In other words, it will take some time to trust that my symptoms are gone forever but I am well on my way to reconciling with this. I am very happy I chose this route instead of the more invasive current practices. I wish I could convince others with this dreaded condition to AT LEAST try it for two months before surgical procedures. By the way, something I did not expect was the fact that I have regained some of my lost hearing. It has been four years since I was able to listen to a telephone conversation in my left ear. I had a conversation with my wife several weeks ago and at the end of the conversation I told my wife I listened to her with my left ear, she could not believe it. I am scheduled for another hearing test and I am excited about the upcoming results. I was not a candidate in the past for a hearing aid, I hope I don't even need one now.

God bless


PS, another unexpected benefit is my hair is fuller than it has been in years, maybe supplements have something to do with men keeping their hair?



 Hello Karen,


Just to let you know that I am continuing with the Vitamins and am feeling fine, better than I have felt in 6 Months I have so much more energy its wonderful.


There is a lot of negative press re taking Vitamins in  the Press over here at the moment  I am feeling so good I am ignoring these reports at the moment.


Hope you are O.K.


Regards Margaret

Dear Karin,

I am so sorry I have not been in touch yet!  I wanted you to know that I am
feeling better and better every day.

I have had only one dizzy spell since we talked on July 31st 2002, and that one
only lasted 2 hours (they had been averaging 4-6 hours at a time!).  What a

Thank you so much for your ministry to so many people.  You are truly an
answer to my prayers!

Thank you again!


Hope your holiday was filled with love, peace and family.  I had a wonderful Christmas.  I had e-mailed Debbie telling her that I feel so great lately.  My symptoms are totally under control and I feel better than I have in over a year.  My ear is so much better!  I have been using the supplements since May 2002.


Dear Karin,

I just wanted to update you on my father. He is doing so much better. He had been suffering from Meniere's Disease episodes for 5 months with relative brief periods of cessation. He is 87y.o.  He also has severe COPD and heart disease, although up until the Meniere's Disease symptoms, he had been relatively independent in his care.  The Meniere's Disease episodes were debilitating and depressing.  We followed the doctor's protocol.. low salt diet, diuretics.. nothing was working. I was beginning to think it was going to kill him.

Because we had heard from a couple of sources that there was a positive link between Meniere's Disease symptoms and antioxidant therapy, we decided to give it a try.   This source had recommended different supplements.  We followed their recommended dosages.  The symptoms subsided for a couple of weeks, and then returned full force. I continued to do research on the Internet, and found Karin and what David had been using.  My father has not had a full-blown episode of Meniere's Disease in 6 months. He also seems to have increased energy. He is back doing yard work and minding everyone's  business!  I'm so glad to have my father back.

I felt obligated to write this letter.  If anyone out there is suffering from this potentially debilitating disease, don't give up hope.  Karin, please feel free to post this on your web page.

Thanks, so much 

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