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Success Stories



Greetings Karin!

Just a quick update. Doing better, much better. Ran out of one of the antioxidants a week ago and had a small bout of vertigo but got back on it again and with the supplements I am able to function rather well on a daily basis. I know it is going to take some time to clean up my body but I am willing to do it for the long haul.
I will read this article you sent. Thank you for your continued help!



Hi Karin,

I just wanted to check in with you regarding my progress on the system. I have been on the supplements for just under 2 months now and I have been symptom free for 3 1/2 weeks!

I first noticed I was feeling better while on vacation in early July with my family. The fullness left in my right ear left, my hearing is much improved (almost perfect), ringing in my right ear is only slightly noticeable when I go to sleep, I have not had an attack of vertigo since May, not even dizziness.

My life has gotten so much better. The ailments I described above were constantly occurring before I started using the products you suggested. It got so bad that I was contemplating going on disability at work, which would have been terrible financially for my family.

I am so glad I contacted you. I was really hesitant to put any hope in a product offered online, but am I ever so happy I did!!! I still really can't believe how great I feel. I had been struggling with Menieres for the better part of 3 years.

Any suggestions going forward? I plan on staying on the system for a long time. Jeff.

Hi Karin,

Yes please do post my email. The testimonials are the reason why I contacted you :-) ! So if it will help someone make the decision to call, then I am more than happy if you do. Thanks! Jeff


Hi Karen, hope this finds you and your family well.

I am way overdue in sending you an update about how I'm doing. A BIG THANKS to you for all of your help last fall when my life was spinning out of control!! Because of following your instructions and taking these wonderful supplements my life is back!! Today I went swimming at the gym...last fall I couldn't even cut my own fingernails with a pair of clippers or take a shower without my husband helping me. I can keep my home clean and it feels wonderful to be able to that...last fall I didn't see that ever happening again!


There were so many small victories along the way and I appreciate each on of the victories. I wanted to let you know also, that I've met so many people along the way that are suffering with some form of vertigo. I always give them your information. I don't know if you've heard from any of them but I do know that you have the answers! So from the bottom of my heart I thank you Karin for giving me my life back!! Wishing you a Very Happy Easter!

Karin I'm glad my post made you smile! I am just so thankful to you for all your help! I was actually able to take a train trip to northern California in February and last Fall I would have never thought that would be possible. There are some things I love about riding on the train and one is that you get to meet so many nice people. If traveling alone you get to sit with strangers for meals and what a fun way to meet people. One lady that I met was talking to me about how ill her 92 year old grandmother had been.


I asked her what the problem was and she said it's vertigo. I shared my experience with her and then gave her all your information. She said she would share it with her Mom. I hope she did. Then on the train ride back home I met a wonderful couple and we started talking about healthy life styles. She was fighting cancer and doing pretty well. They asked me why I didn't just fly back to San Diego and I told them I didn't feel comfortable yet flying after having a bout with vertigo last Fall. Right away they started talking about a male friend of there's that was having some serious vertigo problems, so again I shared your information with them. Just last week I was in touch with a childhood friend and after I shared with her about my illness last Fall she said that she had a dear friend who was suffering with vertigo. So I emailed her back with all your information. It has been amazing to me how many friends I have that have had vertigo experiences. Most of them have "medical drugs" that they rely on. I'm thankful that I have my supplements and I always say...don't ever take my supplements away! I can go through life missing lots of things, but not my supplements.


By the way, when I went to my holistic doctor for my annual physical, he was very impressed with the supplements. If you would like to use my last email on your website, please feel free to do that. I thank God for your wisdom and your willingness to share it with people like me...broken. May God truly bless you and your family Karin! Smiles, W. (name on file)


“Dear Karin,

Thanks for your interest in my well being. I have to say that I am feeling so much better. My symptoms have diminished a lot since being on the program. My hearing is almost like it used to be, and I have had only a few days of fullness in the affected ear. There is still some tinnitus, but not like it used to be. Overall, I am feeling like my old self. I go to see my ear specialist on this Tuesday and I will get back with you after I get his report. Thanks again for being out there. I never thought that I would feel this good again. Bless you, Karen”


“Things are going very well on the supplements- pretty unbelievable I'd say. I increased the dose of the grape seed extract and am having less "ghost" sensations and virtually no vertigo spells anymore. In general I'm starting to have some confidence that I don't have to worry about having a Meniere's symptoms which is allowing me to take on things with less fear (in the past I'd do everything but had a lot of fear around it not knowing whether I'd have symptoms or not). Example - this week I'm participating in a symposium and will be presenting material to groups of experts - in the past I would have had a lot of trepidation because I wouldn't be sure of how well I'd feel physically to do that - since on these supplements, I don't have that concern - YAY! M.”

Hi Karin, just a quick update. Haven't had any episodes since Dec. 17th..........yeah!!! My left ear is feeling good but still have tinnitus both ears but that is so much better than having the vertigo and accompanying symptoms. I still have feelings of being a little "off balance" most often when I'm in a large store like Target or Wal-mart. I have more energy--just got done painting our master bath with no problems. I couldn't have done that last fall. So..................I'm so glad that I found your website. I am positive that my health is on an upward swing! Thank you so much........
Hi Karin--yes, you may post my comments. Believe me when I say that reading about other's success stories gave me hope. Thanks...................KP

Hi Karin,

The supplements are working very well! I feel like my hearing has completely restored itself. I still have tinnitus in my left ear but I can hear beyond the hissing. I definitely feel more energized and my body is more limber. I've kept up running outside through the winter and aside from sore muscles I have not experienced any inflammation in my joints. I have experienced a few more headaches and pressure like sensation in my temples, but I think this may be attributed to the stress I am sometimes experiencing as a new parent :) During Christmas I took more of the special grape seed extract than usual because I was not honoring my body the way it should have been, tis the season!

Thanks again and we'll be in touch,

Hello Karin!

Wow I can't believe it's been almost four months since I last communicated with you. I just wanted to let you know that my Meniere's symptoms have almost completely disappeared since you suggested "the system" to me. Thank you so much for all of the time you've committed to my better health. I remain on the system to this day. Maybe someday I'll go off of it, but right now I see no problem with continuing the use of such high quality supplements.

One question: I've fallen behind a bit in my daily consumption (sometimes I will take them only once per day) so I've created a bit of a backlog. Is it dangerous for me to take them three times in a day?

Thanks again for everything Karin. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've done for me!

I wanted to tell you how terrific I've been feeling and how grateful I am for all of your help. I started the vitamins the first of October, went from 3-4 eight hour bouts with vertigo to maybe one incident a week, in November, I went to one or two dizzy spells (not true vertigo). November 22nd was the last attack I've had! And, I've been super busy working, lots of family from the east for Christmas, driving back and forth (400+ miles roundtrip), home now for a week with more family from the east, and still no problems! Last week, I started to come down with a cold (so much of it going on at work, and I've been working 50-60 hrs. a week) I thought, well, you've really gone too far Susan, now you'll pay! But, I'm over whatever I was trying to catch - has to be the vitamins! I watch my diet, especially the sodium, I've had quite a bit of dental work done (2 new crowns - root cleaning, still have 2 small fillings to redo - no more Mercury fillings in my mouth). Last fall when I started looking for some help on the internet, I really felt I'd lost control of my life - a very depressing thought for anyone especially those of use who are used to leading very active lives. My physicians were of no help - they just throw up their hands and say take valium..................I can now do all the things I love to do, thanks to your dedication. If you ever get down our way, I'd love to meet with you - I'll keep in touch. Again, I thank you and so does my family. Susan

Hi Karen,

Sorry it has taken me this long to contact you. I have had a busy and eventful
summer with no Meniere's Disease symptoms. I can't begin to tell you what it
means to have my life back!!! The Products are amazing! And to think
that 4 months ago I felt life was not worth living. Karin, I am so thankful that
my wife was able to find you and that we are currently under 'your care',
after all the medical people I went to could offer me no solution.

Best Regards, Bob


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