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Information about the System David and Others Are Using to Get Relief From Meniere's Disease.


We have put a lot of the information we have found on Meniere's Disease on this website to share with others that are suffering from Meniere's.  One of the problems we ran into was that some of the information we wanted to publicly share, we could not put up on the website, we can only use email or a phone call to explain what worked for David and many others.  The form to request the system information is at the bottom of this page. 

Health Canada (since we are in Canada and must follow their rules) and the American Food and Drug Administration say that anytime you connect a disease with a possible solution, you are now diagnosing.  We are allowed to correspond privately with you through email and phone calls to provide information and explain about what helped David and others find relief from their Meniere's Disease symptoms.

David spent a very long time going back and forth to doctors and hospitals trying to find out what was wrong with him.  When he did finally get the answer that it was Meniere's Disease, he was then told that there were no answers about how to recover from this affliction.  As a family, we spent a lot more time trying to help David find answers about Meniere's Disease as well as helping him throughout the days and weeks ahead.  Some of those days were very bad for David and the family, others were quite good.  The only problem with the good days was that we all knew the bad days were just around the corner, so nobody could really enjoy the good ones.  Since stress is also a big contributor to Meniere's attacks, there was no escape.  You can read more about David's story here.

Until one day when David discovered a doctor that had Meniere's Disease, but had been attack free for quite some time.  Suddenly, there seemed to be hope.  David contacted the Doctor and the Doctor explained what he was using to get relief from his Meniere's Disease symptoms.  Since David went on the same system that the Doctor went onto, he has also been virtually symptom free.  This is what we want to offer you, a chance.

If you would like to try this system for yourself, or if you just want more information, please complete the form below.  If you would like to talk to us, you can call us at 604-463-8666 (Pacific Time Zone), but first please complete the form so we can send you relevant information.  We will be very happy to talk with you, but it will make it a lot easier for both of us if you can read the information first.

We respond to every email request within a few days.  If you have requested the system information from us and you did not get a reply, please email us again.  If it has taken longer than this, then our reply to you has been lost somewhere, or we have not received your email request for some reason.


If you are filling out the form, please give me as much detail as you feel comfortable giving out. If you do want David or me to call you, please put in your phone number and the best time to call and one of us will get back to you ASAP. I get numerous requests every day and the ones with the phone numbers are the first ones I respond to because of the time zone differences.

If you have a general Meniere's Disease question, please use this link to the General Meniere's Question form.

If you would like us to call you, please leave us a phone number, otherwise, just leave that space blank.

21362 River Road

(604) 463-8666 (Pacific Time Zone)

Maple Ridge, BC

V2X 2B3, Canada



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