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The Secret to Getting Your Doctor's Attention

We work a lot with Meniere's Disease sufferers. The classic symptoms or Meniere's Disease are vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and pressure in the ear. It's tough enough to have these symptoms: let alone trying to get help from doctors who are too busy to listen.

Meniere's people know that doctors don't have many satisfactory, long-term answers. So it's a discouraging visit to start with. There is no cure, and often times…no hope.

The day comes and you get yourself ready to go to your specialist's office…you finally attend your ten minute appointment after waiting sometimes up to 6 months…so you really value this occasion and want to make the most of it. Normally your appointment would be interrupted by phone calls and knocks on the door.

Usually you are tired and depressed and anxious. But not this time! TODAY YOU ARE PREPARED!

You enter the examination room at last with your CLIPBOARD and QUESTIONS: all of them. And you ask for permission to lead the conversation with these questions that you have so carefully and hopefully put together. And you ask, " PLEASE, would it be OK to take notes"?

I guarantee you will have your doctor's complete and careful attention. …no interruptions…no phone calls.

However, I must also warn you that your doctor may choose not to answer your questions or allow you to take notes. But that in itself, is an answer. The bottom line is that this is your body. You have lived with it for years and know it very well. It takes courage to take back control of your health, but any true health care professional will be glad that you are ready to do so.

We have put together these two comprehensive articles on working with your doctor:

I Wish Doctors Had More Time to Listen.

Doctors are very busy and they do not always have time to listen.  This may help you to work with your doctor and use the knowledge you have gotten from the Internet.  How to create a list of facts for your doctor and why you should be completely factual about your symptoms to help both of you make the appointment go smoother.


Frustration About The Limited Discussion During A Doctor's Visit

It is difficult these days to be a patient or a doctor.  Doctors are human, just as you and I are.  They have time limitations that we could never dream of, and the stress of having to deal with some patients that cannot be helped.  What we have tried to do is give you some ideas on how to make the visit to the doctors office as quick and informative as possible, for both of you.

Both of these articles should give you a lot of ideas to work with your doctor to speed up the visit and get the best results possible within the limited time available in the examination room.

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