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Meniere's Disease Articles, Information and Resources


In our research throughout the Internet to create this Meniere's Disease website, we have come across some excellent sites and some not so excellent sites.


When we find an informative site that has good articles on Meniere's we send them an email requesting to use the article on our website.  Karin is also a very prolific writer for the health column of an online ezine.  She has written many articles for them over the last few years.  If any of the articles have any connection to Meniere's Disease, we put them up here as well.


Understanding Meniere's Disease: Cause and Effect

Please understand that Meniere's Disease symptoms do not happen in our bodies without a cause and an effect. Conversely, every effect always has some underlying cause: one or more.

This is another phase of awareness. Get in the habit of asking yourself “is this a cause or an effect/result”. Meniere's Disease symptoms are effects/ results of an obvious or underlying, often unsuspecting cause. As you explore this idea more, you will realize that if you don’t like an effect, by analyzing the Meniere's symptoms you may be able to find the cause and deal with them. Low Blood Pressure, Salt and Potassium could both be causes, or symptoms, of Meniere's Disease.

For our purposes, we need to understand how cause and effect are related to hearing, vertigo, dizziness and balance problems (which may be why Meniere’s Disease is also called Vertigo Disease or Endolymphatic Hydrops) …and you will hear this an awful lot, but I wanted to make sure you understand that this is a natural law of nature.


An Interview Karin Did About the Causes and Symptoms of Meniere's Disease and How David and Michael Got Their Health and Their Lives Back

In 2012, one of our colleagues, Michael Spencer, thought it would be helpful and interesting to do an audio interview about how we got started helping people with Meniere’s disease.


In this interview we discuss how we received an email from a doctor’s wife suggesting that if we knew of anyone suffering with Meniere’s disease, to share their information using a group of nutritional supplements. Because we had already “lived” with this condition for 5 years we were very motivated to try anything that could alleviate David’s misery.


Can Meniere's Disease, or Meniere's Disease Symptoms, be Considered an Auto Immune Disease?

If you accept the fact that Meniere’s Disease is an autoimmune disease, then could you ask yourself why would your body attack itself? Why it would want to? Its constant and continual and automatic response is always to heal itself. This is a scientific fact. So, are Meniere's Disease symptoms such as vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness or other balance and hearing problems part of the cause, or part of the effect?


Chemical  Reactions and Meniere's Disease Symptoms - Could There Be Any Connection?

It is important to realize that your body already has a preset chemical structure. When you make a decision to take any chemical (ANY chemical), you are doing it to change this chemical structure: to feel differently. You may choose to do this yourself or have a health professional advise you on what might be, in their judgment, the best way to create a different feeling. You are seeking a different outcome. You may do this consciously knowing you may have some side effects. Or you may do this completely unaware that side effects might be an issue. But the body always reacts to chemicals going into it or onto it. That is the entire purpose of taking them.


Are Your Sinus Medications for Meniere's Disease Helping You or Hurting You?

Sinus congestion / sinus pressure and blocked sinuses can be one of the symptoms of Meniere's Disease. This article is on the function of the sinuses and why there is a problem when the sinuses don't work properly as well as some things you can do to help relieve sinus pressure.


It’s normal for people to treat sinus problems with all sorts of remedies: drugs, sprays, and other treatments, including saline (salt) washes. The point is that you want to get rid of the symptoms. If you choose to use sprays or drugs, you should be aware of a “dark side” to this treatment and it is the results of something you do with the best of intentions. The dark side is a term called “rebound”.


We also believe that over the counter medications aren't really medications. So you rationalize that there is no harm in taking them...and as they are harmless, but work well, taking more isn't a problem...Right? Wrong! Taking more could do one or two things: make the situation worse or make the whole effort useless. At this point I am speaking mainly about nasal decongestants and allergy products. These are products to help you breathe better when your nose and eyes are irritated and you just can't stand it any longer. So you reach for the sprays or the tablets.


Meniere's Disease and Understanding the Medical Terminology you will encounter along the way.

What this article is about is how to understand what is being said to you by your doctor.  If you suffer from Meniere's Disease understanding medical terminology is particularly important when you are dealing with consent forms for any kind of invasive procedure. You MUST know what is going to happen to you. You are agreeing to something that is going to happen to YOUR body.


I often find myself helping people understand their medical "experiences": helping them understand or translate their doctor's procedures. This article will explain why it's important for you to know these terms or at least know where to find the information.


Could Your Blood Pressure Be Too Low? A Plea For Some Common Sense and Some Sanity

The information and the questions I am going to pose, and the thoughts I am going to share, are meant to make you think. My purpose is to create an awareness of the actions of drugs that are chemicals going into your body. This is a plea for common sense. And this plea is directed at you, the reader, who may have symptoms that are “inconvenient” and you want relief, but at what price. It is perfectly understandable to want relief. When you make the appointment with your doctor you expect that they will provide you with a prescription for a drug to take away those symptoms. You know you will get it. You expect it. You feel it is the right answer. My concern arises from many emails and phone calls that originate from our Meniere’s website.


Meniere's Disease, Hypertension and Stress: A Different Way of Thinking

We are getting a lot of questions about Hypertension, Meniere’s Disease and Stress and this issue of the newsletter answers a lot of those questions and explains some of the interactions between Meniere's Disease, Hypertension and Stress and how it can affect you if you have Meniere's Disease.


If you are affected by either high blood pressure or low blood pressure, do you think it might be related to Meniere's disease? At the end of this article is a short explanation on the proper way to take your blood pressure. There are several easy, quick ways to do this on a regular basis. The pharmacy machines are fine and reliable, but there are a some ground rules.


Meniere's Disease Leads to a Significant Decline in Quality of Life for Patients with Disorder
A University of California-San Diego study highlights disease's impact on physical and mental health.  Meniere's disease is a chronic illness that often affects individuals in the prime of life. Many believe the disorder has a serious impact on the psychosocial status of individuals and their families. For the first time, a new study quantifies health-related quality of life status of patients with Meniere's Disease who have failed conventional medical therapy and are candidates for further intervention and compares their status with other medical disorders described in a similar fashion.


A Basic Overview of Meniere's Disease, Also Known as Endolymphatic Hydrops

This article from The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders gives some great answers on the following questions:

  • What Is Meniere's Disease?

  • What Causes Meniere's Disease?

  • What Are the Symptoms of Meniere's Disease?

  • How Is Meniere's Disease Treated?

  • How Is Meniere's Disease Diagnosed?

  • What Research Is Being Done for Meniere's?

  • Where Can I Get Additional Meniere's Information?

Disability Claim Information for Meniere's Disease Sufferers

This is what the Social Security Administration uses as a guide to determine your level of disability under THEIR guidelines.


An In Depth Article About Tinnitus

We have written a very comprehensive article about the causes and effects of tinnitus.  This is a very terrible condition that causes some people severe torment and we wanted to help people to understand why this is happening and how to deal with it.


Chronic Illness And The Family: Understanding It And Offering Some Support.

If you are a family member of someone suffering from Meniere's Disease, this article will help you understand the caregivers role in their life.


Salt And Potassium: Keeping A Healthy Balance In Your Diet

Salt intake and Meniere's Disease are thought to be connected.  Too much salt may cause problems for Meniere's sufferers.  This article covers salt and potassium intake as well as amounts of salt and potassium found in everyday foods allowing you to make an informed decision on what to eat.


Medical Terminology For Meniere's Disease Sufferers

Some basic medical terminology for people with Meniere's Disease.  When you visit your doctor, you may encounter some of these terms.  This is a quick reference guide to help you understand what they have told you about Meniere's and what you are experiencing.


Your Immune System: Delicate Yet Critical

This article covers the Immune System in great detail.  How it serves you and why you need to keep it healthy.  This is of particular interest to anybody suffering from Meniere's Disease, since a Meniere's sufferers immune system is under a great amount of stress.


There Can Be A Link Between Meniere's Disease and High Blood Pressure.

Meniere's Disease and high blood pressure can be connected. The dizzy spells, nausea, vertigo, hearing loss and inner ear dizziness may be a result of high blood pressure interacting with your Meniere's Disease symptoms.


Left Ear Pain and Inner Pressure as Symptoms of Meniere's Disease

Two of the most frequently asked questions that we get concern people experiencing pain in their left ear and inner ear pressure, or fullness in their ears.  To help you understand what is going on, I wanted to bring you an awareness of where the ear is located in your body and why you might have this pressure or pain in just the left ear, or feel congested. This makes a huge difference in how you look at the rest of the balance and hearing (Meniere’s) symptoms.


The Secret to Getting Your Doctor's Attention

This is a very short article with some quick tips to help Meniere's Disease sufferers get better results in the doctors office.  It also leads into the two articles below, All three of these articles should give you a lot of ideas to work with your doctor to speed up the visit and get the best results possible within the limited time available in the examination room.

I Wish Doctors Had More Time to Listen.

Frustration About The Limited Discussion During A Doctor's Visit


Some Thoughts On Meniere's Disease and Chelation Therapy; Learning About Possible Metal Toxicity In Your Body

I have had several discussions about chelation therapy and how it relates to Meneire's Disease lately and it caused me to do more studying about the subject. So what I am describing here are the questions from people with Meniere's Disease for which I sought answers while doing hours and hours of research. These are very simple descriptions of my findings. This is a very serious and important subject.


Meniere's Disease and Detoxification - A Natural Body Function: Does It Really Need To Be Helped Along?

Frequently I am asked about detoxification, but it will not be phrased that way. Many people don’t have much, if any, knowledge of this bodily function. A few people have their own understanding and often just want to challenge my ideas, which is fine. I am always amazed at those who have such definite opinions without really understanding the function of their incredible body! So I want to explain what happens naturally in your body. I will share two doctors’ description of what symptoms they find in their patients to show this could be happening. I will also give a few comments on additional detoxification procedures. Later in this article, I also I thought I would tell you what I do when a new person gets on the supplements I often speak about.


Anaphylaxis and Meniere's Disease
Anaphylaxis represents a “state of protection”. Essentially that means your body is protecting you against something that has just entered it. Something that will upset the wellbeing of your entire body. We are not talking about a little cut or a bruised elbow. This can be a life threatening situation.


Over the last 8 years, it has become increasingly apparent that Meniere’s is not a disease. “Something” is irritating or putting pressure on your balance and or hearing nerve(s). What it is is unknown until start to you investigate.

Your hearing nerve gives symptoms to do with a complete lack of hearing to horrible disabling noises…and, again, anything in between. It all depends on the intensity of the “intruder”. In each case, there has to be an intruder. So I always teach people to look for the underlying cause(s). There has to be one or more. Your body is continually trying to protect you. Always! Naturally! In the case of an anaphylactic reaction, the body is trying to protect you from a systemic invasion. In the inner ear, it is trying to protect you from a localized invader.


Your Liver: Understanding Its Functions and Your Role In Maintaining Its' Health

This article may seem to be off topic, but if you have Meniere's Disease this article may help you to understand how your liver works and how it may be related to some of the Meniere's symptoms you are experiencing.

It led me to research those individual symptoms and what an eye-opener that proved to be! I found this frequent reference to liver toxicity, which of course has severe health consequences.

In the last few weeks I have been involved with several searches on drug interactions. Many people haven't any idea that your liver is very closely involved. Someone had also sent me a very long list of drugs that had tinnitus listed as a possible side effect.

What really caught my attention was some correspondence about Methotrexate, which incidentally is also on this list. Methotrexate is one of the common treatments for Meniere’s symptoms.

This article will help you find some "common sense" ideas that help you to find ways to maintain a healthy liver.



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