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An Interview Karin Did About the Causes and Symptoms of Meniere's Disease and How David and Michael Got Their Health and Their Lives Back

In 2012, one of our colleagues, Michael Spencer, thought it would be helpful and interesting to do an audio interview about how we got started helping people with Meniere’s disease.


In this interview we discuss how we received an email from a doctor’s wife suggesting that if we knew of anyone suffering with Meniere’s disease, to share their information using a group of nutritional supplements. Because we had already “lived” with this condition for 5 years we were very motivated to try anything that could alleviate David’s misery.


Those of you who are family members of anyone with Meniere’s disease, know what this is all about. You feel helpless, useless, and very anxious. Can you imagine what the sufferer himself must feel like???

As we had these supplements already in our home, he started immediately. The story unfolds as he started to feel hope at about week three. Things get better week by week. There is now a lot of hope and anticipation for his life to get some decent quality of life back again.

Suddenly David creates a very small website telling people about his progress and feeling he has something tangible to offer a Meniere’s disease sufferer. Emails pour in and we are totally unprepared for the response!


Several years went by and we continued to answer huge amounts of emails from people with Meniere's disease and these people were telling us that they were getting better.


That was very gratifying, but for me, the nurse, it was also puzzling. Here we had a disease that has been known to the medical community since 1861. It was brought to the medical world’s attention in 1861 when a French physician, Proper Ménière, described vertigo as being caused by “inner ear disorders”.

He described the condition as affecting “people differently; it can range in intensity from being a mild annoyance to a lifelong condition”. The present medical world, 150 years later, continues to subscribe to that perspective. It offers hope of a cure and a lot of uncertainty because no one can predict the next “episode”. So everyone was “off balance” in lifestyle, jobs, family activities, and just living a normal life.

But wait.


There is hope.


In the interview, I discuss that as we heard from people who got better, and then unexpectedly had a return of their Meniere's disease symptoms, they figured out what caused their symptoms! How could that be? They were supposed to have a disease with no hope of cure. Easy. There is a “natural law that happens day in and day out: you can’t stop it.

This is the law of Cause and Effect. And what we “clued into” was the fact that people could get healthy again and lose their symptoms “somehow”. (The purpose of the supplements is to enhance the immune system). Then if they were “exposed” to the cause again, their symptoms showed up but much lighter. But the fascinating thing was that MANY people told us of these kinds of discoveries: it wasn‘t just one or two “former” sufferers.

And being a nurse, I quickly collected many of these ideas and started to share them in email requests for more information.

Mike and I spent time discussing how this website has developed over time. To me, the most important issue I wanted to share with the listener was the need for people to use their own common sense and to look for any possible causes of their symptoms.

You can listen to this interview up on our Meniere's disease blog site. We had to use the new site because we could not get the audio file to work properly on this site.  Or we have a transcript of the audio interview if you would rather read the exchange between Michael and Karin.



By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



Additional Resources


If you would like to know more about what we have successfully used to get relief from this debilitating condition and most of the Meniere's disease symptoms, please use this link to go to the System Information page.

In our Meniere's Disease Health Newsletter we write about all the different symptoms that people suffering from the terrible condition may experience.  You can learn more about the newsletter, or sign up for it, by Clicking Here.
We hope you found the information here helpful.  Thank you for visiting our website.



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