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Some Possible Causes of Meniere's Disease and the Effects The Symptoms May Have on You?

Please understand that the possible causes of Meniere's Disease are not what most people look for initially.  Nothing happens in our bodies without a cause and that cause now has an effect - a symptom. We see this in nature constantly. We also expect it to happen when we do things. Most of us do not do things just for the exercise. There is always an expectation of a different outcome.

Get in the habit of asking yourself “is this one of the causes of Meniere's disease, or an effect / result”. Meniere's Disease symptoms are effects / results of an obvious or underlying, often unsuspecting cause. As you explore this idea more, you will realize that if you don’t like an effect, by analyzing the Meniere's disease symptoms you may be able to find your causes of Meniere's disease and deal with them. Low Blood Pressure, Salt and Potassium could be symptoms, or causes.

If you mix flour and water (cause), you get a paste (effect) and you expect to get paste. If you give water to a drying plant, you expect it to perk up. Conversely, if you don’t water the drying plant, you do not expect it to perk up, but know it will keep deteriorating. If you put your finger on a hot stove element (cause), you get a burn (effect/result/outcome). You know that if you want to eat corn, someone has had to plant the corn seed (cause) before you can enjoy the corn (effect/result).

If you want light (outcome / result/ effect) you can turn on electricity or light a candle (cause). You could create your own electricity (effect/result) by using a generator (cause) and it would create electricity (effect/result).

It makes sense to plan for a “health” goal (cause) so the outcome will be a healthy body (effect / result).

Let’s look at our bodies. If we just leave them be, they are always going to go back to a healthy state, providing they have been given the appropriate “ingredients or environment”. This may take a bit of time, but our bodies are genetically programmed to do that. We are not talking about aging here, that is different.

We all age and our bodies slow down just as plants slow down and eventually their normal life span is finished. Our bodies, too, have a normal life span and if we don’t add “other ingredients” (that cause degeneration), eventually we all die. Degeneration, though, is hastening the speed at which this happens.

We are part of nature. We can’t alter any of this natural process but we can learn what speeds up degeneration up and what we can do to either not degenerate at all or do it as slowly and as consciously as possible.

Let’s carry this into the medical field. In order to “cause” (create or to restore health to) a healthy body you need to provide the ingredients it needs to be or remain healthy. And we know so much of that. It’s no longer a guessing game. We know scientifically what “things” we need to stay alive. The “effect’ might be easier to understand if you DON’T give it what it needs (i.e. withhold some of these ingredients or provide ones that don’t meet these needs).

“Unhealth” will be the effect or outcome…or as it is better known, “dis-ease”.

For our purposes, we need to understand how the causes of Meniere's disease and the effects are related to hearing, vertigo, dizziness and balance problems (which may be why Meniere’s Disease is also called Vertigo Disease or Endolymphatic Hydrops) …and you will hear this an awful lot, but I wanted to make sure you understand that this is a natural law of nature. And it can’t be altered. So I would encourage you to pay attention to any results you achieve. Know they have or had a cause to get to this stage.

The connection of cause and effect is vital to your understanding the causes of Meniere's disease.

When you study our “observations”, one or more of these will turn out to be causes for someone. And because this is information on dizziness, vertigo (vertigo disease), balance and hearing issues, you know the underlying causes would now be impacting one or both or one of these nerves: vestibular (balance) and /or auditory (hearing).

There will never be a complete list of the causes of Meniere's disease. Our lives are so diversified so our bodies react uniquely to similar causes.. However, in relation to the effects or results, the symptoms will reflect hearing or balance symptoms, always depending on the intensity of the cause.

Knowledge and critical thinking are crucial to understanding Meniere's disease, your wellbeing in general, as well as every other part of life. And please don’t ever assume you have all the answers or enough knowledge.

The causes of Meniere's disease and the effects by themselves are neither good nor bad. They “just are”. Let me give you an example using heat and cold. In winter I assume you want heat, but in summer you want cold. You do not plan to add to the heat in the summer…. or the cold in the winter. So heat is used at the appropriate time. You know when that is. This is using knowledge of “cause and effect” to help you live comfortably.

What is also interesting is that we look for and accept positive results as our right and don’t appreciate them very much. It’s when we get negative or painful effects that we get upset. But you can only identify negative outcomes if you can find the underlying causes of Meniere's disease and plan to fix them.

If we go back to the “heat” example, you would want to know why the furnace has come on in the summertime. But more importantly, you would surely want to know where the heat is in the cold of winter: “cause and effect” at work.

When you study our observations about the causes of Meniere's disease, you will scan the questions and quickly eliminate 99% of them. Now you use the cause and effect principle consciously and effectively.

One last point, sometimes it’s hard to realize that that Meniere's disease symptoms happen in ways you do not expect with products you use habitually. For example, imagine you have been using a certain acne cream or blood pressure drug for ages. Everything is fine. Suddenly you develop some unpleasant symptoms. What happened?

  • The manufacturer could have changed ingredients
  • The druggist may have changed manufacturers
  • You may be using a different brand of the same type of product

Now you have created an entire new product, very innocently. Who would suspect this slight shift could be problematic? No one. This happens a lot…. so knowing the relationship between “cause and effect” can really help you to be in control of your questions.

You might also be interested in this page which goes into more detail on Meniere's disease.

By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



If you want to know what We have been recommending to people for their possible causes of Meniere's Disease, please click here.  This is the same program that David, Michael and numerous others have been using for many years with great success.



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