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Meniere's Disease Blog

This is the link to our new Meniere's disease blog site. We set up a new website because we thought people would like to read about real life examples. This way we could answer real questions with specific helpful ideas. You will read actual questions and our responses. You will also learn a lot about basic body reactions in real life examples.

This new blog site will focus more towards helping you to understand how to evaluate your own Meniere's disease symptoms. If you are on the mailing list, you will receive regular notification of updates. To date, we have always answered each individual email request privately. Now we felt it was appropriate to share these along the lines of a “most frequently asked questions” concept.

We had to set up a new website for the blog because this site is built with Front Page 2003 and it is impossible to add something as complex as a WordPress blog to a Front Page website without causing a lot of technical problems in the background.



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