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Meniere's Disease and Dental Health.  Is There A Connection Between Meniere's Disease and Mercury Amalgam Fillings?


We have often wondered about a connection between Meniere's Disease symptoms and Mercury Amalgam fillings. As we have done a lot of research into this, we wanted to share some of our findings with you through these pages.


Dr. Tom McGuire’s YouTube Video - Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth by Tom McGuire, DDS

This YouTube video conclusively proves that amalgam/silver fillings not only release toxic mercury vapor - but that the common act of brushing just one amalgam filling - will release more mercury than allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace! The video also tells you what you can do about it. Click on to watch this amazing video demonstration - and don’t forget to tell your friends and family! (You can also access it by searching YouTube for The Poison in Your Teeth.)

I encourage you to spread the word about it to your family and friends.


Amalgam or Mercury: A Sense Of Confusion and How it May Affect Meniere's Disease Sufferers.

Amalgam or Mercury: A Sense Of Confusion and How it May Affect Meniere's Disease Sufferers.  This is a long and informative article, but we believe we have found a possible link between Mercury and Meniere's Disease.  In my daily Internet life, I am constantly being reminded of dental problems. In my opinion they are indicators of underlying health conditions. I want offer you some ideas on amalgam (silver) fillings or “mercury”. They are also known as silver alloy. I don’t pretend to be anything of an expert, but what I would like to do is share some of the information and confusion I have discovered in my research.


Some Thoughts On Meniere's Disease and Chelation Therapy Learning About Possible Metal Toxicity In Your Body
I have had several discussions about chelation therapy and how it relates to Meneire's Disease lately and it caused me to do more studying about the subject. So what I am describing here are the questions from people with Meniere's Disease for which I sought answers while doing hours and hours of research. These are very simple descriptions of my findings. This is a very serious and important subject.  Near the end of this article, I have added some information about mercury amalgam fillings and many of us have no idea it could be causing all sorts of health issues, including many symptoms you can think of.


Meniere's Disease, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, Amalgam Fillings

Mercury poisoning is connected to so many diseases, syndromes and illnesses and in my opinion, Meniere's Disease (or Endolymphatic Hydrops) is one of them. In this article I'll discuss why I feel chronic mercury poisoning must be considered as a possible cause of, or contributor to, Meniere’s Disease symptoms. I’ll also explain why I believe any serious discussion about it must not only include the cause and treatment of Meniere's  Disease symptoms must also include the elimination of mercury exposure and how to support the body's efforts at removing the mercury that has accumulated.


The Relationship of Oral Health to Overall Health and Longevity

“The terms oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities. Oral health is integral to general health: oral health means more than healthy teeth and you cannot be healthy without oral health,”
—Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services in Oral Health  America: A Report of the Surgeon General, 2000.
I couldn’t think of a better way to begin this than to underscore the effect of oral health on overall health. But just how does her statement about oral health correlate to health and longevity? It does because healthy people live longer and the quality of their lives is far superior. There are a number of commonly known factors related to the study of health and longevity that almost everyone will recognize.


Chronic Mercury Poisoning and Mercury Detoxification

The majority of people I’ve consulted with do not understand just how devastating chronic mercury poisoning is to their health. Without this awareness it is difficult to fully appreciate the need for, and value of, participating in a mercury detoxification program that supports the body’s efforts to remove the accumulated mercury and heal the damage done by it.


I've also found that most people think that it is enough just to have their mercury amalgam (silver) fillings removed and, once they do, the problems they equate to mercury exposure from these fillings will quickly go away. When the mercury related symptoms don’t improve in a short period of time they often get frustrated and think that their amalgam fillings didn’t cause or contribute to their health issues. I believe that if they were educated about the destructive effects of chronic mercury poisoning more people would not only commit to having their fillings removed but also stimulate participation in a mercury detoxification program.



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