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Karin & David Henderson

Karin Henderson

Karin Henderson

Karin's passion has always been to help people. Over the years she had developed an understanding of human nature that allows her to accept everyone as they are. This acceptance of others led her to people who would normally not be "in her path". So it was natural for her to want to share the information that helped David to get his life back. The more she studied and researched this concept, and talked to Doctors and pharmacists, the more enthusiastic she became. Here was something that could help so many people!

And that is what she has done.

She teaches people in a unique way that enables them to learn quickly and easily. She has great understanding of health and wellness, and through this, is able to help others enjoy a better quality of life. When people have health-related questions, she is able to support them with current information from mainstream research sources.

Karin is eager to share her special knowledge on an individual basis- a very rare thing to do on the Internet. She understands that most people have severe time restraints and has found the Internet to be the most effective place to continue her wellness teaching and business. She can often be found in her office on the Internet at 1AM or 2AM helping "just one more person".

Karin has spent years in health care, including Operating Rooms, Community Health, and Management.

She has just recently completed a term as a clinical and classroom college nursing instructor for long term care aides. This is where she saw a real need for more education and teaching.

In her spare time, Karin sits as a director on the fundraising board for a local community college.

This site is completely focused on Meniere's Disease. Unfortunately, David, Karin's husband was diagnosed with Meniere's disease back in the mid 1990s. After much searching, together they have found a wonderful system that has worked wonders for him! Now they would like to share this system with many people, both offline and online.

Karin's Google+ Page

David Henderson

David is quiet, sincere, and very helpful. He is self-reliant and isn't used to asking people for help. He'd rather do things himself.

So when Meniere's disease struck, he wasn't sure how to handle it.

He spent years looking for a solution to his symptoms.

Because he didn't go to doctors very often, it was stressful to spend hours in waiting rooms looking for answers.

He knew his symptoms were getting progressively worse. He even had to stop driving as he had several episodes of dizziness that forced him to pull to the side of the road. Sometimes he would become so disoriented that he could hardly find his way home. That certainly wasn't a good way for a very independent person to live.

Eventually he had to close down the family business because the frequency of these attacks increased. He could no longer trust himself to keep his balance.

His vertigo got so bad at times that he would have to crawl on the floor to get to his bed. His depression kept him in bed for days. He also experienced some very terrifying "drop attacks".

Any suggestions for treatments from doctors were pretty drastic. He declined them all and kept looking for a solution.

The solution finally came and with it came great relief! Slowly at first, and then as the symptoms receded, more quickly.

Today, he is able to do anything he wants to. He can bend , walk, drive, shovel dirt. He didn't require any surgery.

These days he spends time answering questions about his Meniere's experiences.

If you would like to contact David, you can send him an email by clicking here.

After many years of looking for solutions, David finally found something that worked and he was able to live his life again on his terms.  If you would like to know what finally worked for David and how he got his life back, please use this link;

How David finally got relief from his Meniereís disease symptoms and we will be happy to share what worked for him.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  If you found this information helpful, please share it with others.



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