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Meniere's Disease and the Importance of a Healthy Immune System

A lot of the emails we get mention the immune system frequently. We all “sort of” understand what we mean when we talk about the immune system and how it relates to your Meniere's disease symptoms, but do we really understand its significance? Do we know how to get around it and get it back to life, your life?

In very basic terms your immune system is your overall body protection. Seriously!

How does a healthy immune system stay healthy OR regain its health? By providing the ingredients it requires: the water, oxygen, nutrients: the basic life-supporting elements. This is what “nutritional supplementation” is all about.


Supplementation should never be seen as a treatment but rather as a support for your body’s immune system. Breathing supplies your own oxygen needs. Drinking safe, clean water provides the necessary water. It’s far more difficult to find appropriate supplements: all supplements are NOT created equal.

A healthy “strong” immune system allows you to live a vibrant life. You feel great. You have loads of energy. You have no thought of not being able to do “whatever”. Your body functions as it is designed to do from birth onward. No exceptions. It needs little or no outside support except what you provide daily to “feed” it.

A weaker immune system now slows you up a little. It’s not working on “all cylinders” as it is designed to do. When you have Meniere's disease, this is very obvious. Something has drawn off or reduced some of its “healing ability”, hopefully not permanently.


One important scientific fact to keep in mind is that in order to constantly be “balanced” your body reshuffles its needs.


One area may have more “health” than another area. In order to rebalance itself, it now “borrows” from the healthy part and moves it to the less than healthy area. One really good example is an emergency episode.


We know it as the “fight/flight” response. In that case, the body goes into “fight mode” for ONE important life-sustaining effort and all the other “non- essential” activities are set aside. (Your heart and brain get first dibs at everything.)

When you suffer from the symptoms of Meniere's disease, this is where you REALLY sit back, evaluate what is going on in your life and make some adjustments. This is where you become aware of your health, your body, and maybe its limitations. Now you start looking around for information and people who might help you get back to a healthy state.

In a weak immune system, your body has been identified as not being able to support you. This would happen after a prolonged period of time, where several parts of your body are being called upon to give you support or healing and it is now not capable of doing so. There will be many reasons for this state. But basically in this state your immune system cannot keep you healthy. You are missing too many “protective” measures. Your desire to live that vibrant life right now, is beyond your reach.


Can it be reversed? Yes. But it won’t happen without you making changes in your lifestyle now.


I mentioned one key component of healing before: feeding your body. Many of us feel we eat adequately. I constantly hear how healthy people are...EXCEPT they then come to us with a health issue, balance and hearing problems known as Meniere’s disease. That is NOT being healthy. Many “healthy” people still catch a cold or get sick. Maybe the eating part isn’t completely solid. Could your body maybe need to “top up” its healthy living with supplements?

Can your goal really be to regain a very healthy immune system? Yes. That should always be your goal. Will everyone support you in this goal? I doubt it. But it’s worth trying, isn’t it? Let me ask you: if you cut your finger, you KNOW it will heal. If you get dust in your eye, you know it will clear up by tears and time. If you broke your leg, you EXPECT it to heal. Everyone does. So why not the immune system? It is just as much a part of your body as your bones or kidneys.

You already know your body heals all the time, without your help, automatically. Can you imagine what you can do if you really want to get healed?

Where do you start? By knowing scientifically what your body NEEDS to BE healthy. There are many books written on what that author feels are the most important ingredients to provide. Essentially you need to supply all the elements for it to use to rebuild its basic “purpose": “good things should go in and bad or unhealthy things should come out.


Your “job” is to provide this two ways action. Simple? Yes! Hard to accomplish? VERY! Because there are so many people who tell you it can’t be done. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to your own inner longing and common sense. It takes a lot of courage to defy the advice of others.


But nature heals you, given the right “ingredients”. Always.


In order to plan for this long term goal (and it will take time), you need to provide every single cell in your body with its requirements! Does this sound like an impossible goal? It sounds difficult, but it isn’t. Your body knows how to change food into the required energy or growth factors (metabolism). It knows how to use water and oxygen. All you have to do is put in the basics, the right nutrients, it can use to metabolize. Your body then takes over the next step and “feeds” every single cell in your body.

So all you really need to do is to offer your body the nutritional supplements that it requires to move you back to a healthy immune system. The immune system is a very complex system: the solution isn’t nearly as complex and confusing and out of reach. The supplements we use provide your solution.

To learn more, you may want to visit some other sites, BUT I caution you. Most medical sites and discussion groups see the immune system as being the culprit or a disorder, to be shut down. Learn to enhance your body’s protective system. It has been put into your to KEEP you healthy. Health is your birthright.
The very best thing you can do is to build up your body. So know what it needs and provide it.

If you have any Meniere's disease questions or concerns, please contact us at:

We have another article about Meniere's Disease and how your immune system is important to your health as well as possibly helping you to understand your symptoms.  You can read that article here.

By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



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