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What is Health & Wellness and how is it Connected with Meniere's Disease?

Health and Wellness: our fantasy and strong desire. But do you know what is to be healthy? To be well?


If you don't think you've achieved your optimum health level yet, how will you know when you have achieved it?


Find concepts that have helped others achieve healthier lives. Then use those ideas to reach and maintain your own optimum lifestyle.

Here are some of these concepts, all backed by mainstream research. This information is trustworthy: it uses current research information and is easy to understand. Health & wellness are certainly within the reach of anyone who really wants to achieve it.

These ideas include a practical definition of health and wellness, basic knowledge of what your body needs and a short biology lesson. Also the prevention of degenerative diseases is touched on and the possible need for nutritional supplementation is reviewed.

For most people, health and wellness is a physical AND mental state. It is the overall feeling of fitness: of having all your body systems performing the way they are meant to: without pain or discomfort: and a desire to conquer your own world! Just lots of energy and confidence!

A very quick and informal biology lesson

Some of the major nutrients that your body requires are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. In order to function efficiently, these are required on a regular basis and in the specific amounts. Nutrients are digested and absorbed through the digestive wall of your stomach and intestines, and then transported via your blood stream as sugar to the individual cells in your body. Your cells then use them to maintain and rebuild body tissue. They also perform all the necessary body functions. As well they are needed to activate, regulate, and control many of the metabolic functions that take place in your body.

One of these important functions is to maintain your body's natural defense system: the immune system. This is your GREATEST ALLY against disease! This defense system helps your body resist infection and is very dependent on good nutrition! Unless your eat a variety of foods, you may not be getting all the nutrients you need. Also the need for some nutrients can be increased or modified when the body is stressed: i.e. surgery, infections, illnesses, etc.

Under normal conditions, each cell in your body develops in a very orderly fashion. Your body is made up of millions of cells and these make up your systems. Very simply, when old cells wear out, new cells replace them. Your body totally depends on what you feed it.

No two people require the same amount of energy though they might be the same size, sex, and age. Instead there is a wide range of energy "intakes" that can be considered adequate

If you have kept abreast of environmental information in the last few years, you would be somewhat concerned. Our air and water pollution has increased. The use of pesticides and antibiotics has increased. Fast-paced lifestyles require prepared (over-processed
foods) that have little or no nutritional value. Busy lives are stress-filled and leave little room for relaxation. The list can go on ...these tax your immune system tremendously.

Nutrition is a very important part of your everyday decision process.

Good nutrition will provide your body with the energy, and strength, and the building blocks it needs as well as the ability to heal and fight off infections and diseases. Poor nutrition causes fatigue weight loss, and subsequently you are unable to give your best effort. It allows the degenerative process to get a foothold.

There are well over 30 nutrients that your body needs every day. If you can't get all the required nutrients through diet, nutritional supplements may be needed to support your body against these chronic (degenerative) diseases that are just waiting to attack.

When you provide your body with nutrients at optimal levels, the body is able to function at a high level.

In this day of biochemical research when we are now able to determine what is happening in every part of every cell, the very essence of degenerative diseases is coming to light. Oxygen that is so necessary for life has a dark side to it: oxidative stress.

You could end up with one or more of these degenerative diseases. It is a well-known fact that degenerative diseases are preventable. The prevention of the progressive discomfort and end stages of many of these diseases makes it well worth while for you to consider some preventable measures now.

How are many physicians now attacking this problem? With Bionutrition.

Bionutrition is a relatively new term created to help us understand the treatment and use of nutritional supplements and nutrition to enhance or promote a better quality of life. There is a lot of research now underway and the results are showing that if you have better understanding of your nutritional intake, you would probably make better food choices. Bionutrition provides the optimal level of nutrients to prevent or at least delay chronic degenerative disease heart attacks, Alzheimer's Dementia, stroke, cancer, etc... The body then does what it's meant to do.

Bionutrition is provided usually by nutritional supplements in a complete, balanced form. However sometimes especially for degenerative diseases specific herbal combinations might be used.

The safest way to start your journey of PREVENTION is to work with a low fat, low carbohydrate, high fibre diet and include a moderate exercise program. AS ALWAYS, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FOR APPROVAL. You will also, most probably, want to find a very effective, complete, balanced nutritional supplement program to supply the missing, but necessary dietary support.

Your greatest defense against disease is your own healthy body. Common sense says that you need a strong, healthy immune system that will maintain and protect your health.

As mentioned earlier, the essential components for maintaining good health are vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber and polyunsaturated and supersaturated fats. They are essential for protecting our cells and providing the nutrients needed for your body to function at its optimum level. In addition to the essential vitamins and minerals, elements that are "optimizers" may be used to enhance and supplement individual needs.

There is a strong connection between your body and your mind. Many people are afraid of pursuing this idea to any degree. They feel that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. However, this connection is very real. For your own wellbeing, you would do well to at least acknowledge it and use it a tiny bit. For example, it is a well-known fact that if you act enthusiastically even when you don't feel it, you WILL eventually FEEL it!

So instead of focusing on loosing weight, focus on becoming healthier. See yourself as having loads of energy: of doing a specific sport or activity that you wouldn't normally think you could do. Let your mind get you started on a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. To develop and maintain a life-long lean body it is essential to develop a winning attitude. Realize that this could mean changing some unhealthy habits and counterproductive thoughts.

The importance of nutrition in staying active and energetic is now widely accepted. Nutrition is about what you eat and how this food effects your body and health. Health happens when your body is fed optimally and provides you with energy and enthusiasm. And the best way to get a achieve this is through a balanced diet. You want to do everything possible to enhance the quality of your life.

This is not alternative medicine. This concept is well supported by research from respected mainstream medical and nutritional journals.

You need to look at your present nutritional level to see if it meets your needs. (Does it give you the energy you require? Are you always ready to do those things which you really love doing?) If it doesn't meet your needs, then start to look at what you eat because it's the only way for "energy" to enter your body.

If you take an active part in your health prevention today, it will repay you handsomely later on. And that "pay back time" doesn't have to be far, far down the road. It can be a little as next month or two months from the start. For most people it averages between three to four months: then they really have noticeable changes. Bodies are all different and require different levels of nutrition to create the necessary energy. BUT it does need some basics. Once you understand this whole concept, it won't be difficult to look at degenerative diseases in a very different and encouraging light. LIFE can be whatever you choose to make it.

Please remember this information is just that: information. We are only here to make you aware of the latest research. Please consult your doctor for more a specific diagnosis.


By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



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