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Use Medications Wisely

  • Do you have only one doctor who treats your problems and prescribes your drugs?
  • Do you usually have all your prescription filled at the same place?
  • Are you aware of the possible side effects of any of your medications?
  • Do you have the courage to ask your doctor to explain anything you can't understand?
  • Do you discuss ALL your drugs and supplements with your pharmacist?

The answer to all these questions should be YES! You have only one body and you need to keep it healthy. Having different doctors and going to different pharmacies will only cause confusion and possible harm. By staying with the same health professionals, they get to know you and your needs: you get to know them and how to ask personal questions. Chances are you will go through some very private examinations and you need to do that with confidence and trust.

Any kind of chemicals going into your body will cause a shift in the cell composition. It doesn't matter if they are prescription drugs, "over the counter" (OTC) cough meds, vitamins, or herbs. Even the word "natural product" doesn't mean harmless or without effect. Use several of these and you can easily create problems for which you will need some help.

Use your health professional wisely. Pharmacists are trained in everything to do with drugs, including nutritional supplements. Doctors are trained in diseases: body systems and functions. Use each one to maximize their knowledge and training. One stop shopping is all right for food, but your body deserves specialized support.


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