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Health Reports & Articles:

Who’s In Charge Here? Thinking About Our Body’s Healthy Maintenance

This is going to be a short, easy to understand “course” on how your body “operates” and needs to be maintained. I will discuss some “new” developments in how people find medical information for their own use. You will learn some anatomy and physiology and then I will share principles that help you understand why your body does certain things. I’ll include some examples and add questions I have received recently that tie into this subject. I am also going to share some basic principles as to how your body functions.

Vitamin Checklist & Vitamin Comparison Report
Because there are no regulations in the nutritional  supplement market, it can be very difficult to know if you  are in fact getting the best value for your money and your  health. So use these two reports to find a good supplement that fits  your needs. See if you are getting value for your Vitamin & Mineral supplements.

What is Health & Wellness?
For most people, health and wellness is a physical AND mental state. It is the overall feeling of fitness: of having all your body systems performing the way they are meant to: without pain or discomfort: and a desire to conquer your own world! Just lots of energy and confidence!


A Very Simplistic Explanation of Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants" & an Antioxidant Tutorial
Antioxidants and free radicals are very important terms, but for many of us, they are confusing at the beginning.  So I have written one very simplistic explanation and then have used a very detailed and scientifically-correct tutorial to help you understand the basic concept. If you don't recognize harmful situations, you can't make healthy decisions. It is important for you to have some understanding of these concepts so you can make conscious, informed "everyday" decisions concerning your health, and these should include nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. To explain the role of anti oxidants, we have put together this two part article.

Use Medications Wisely
A short article on how to choose and use your health care provider and the medications and products they suggest or prescribe.

Are Your Drugs Making You Sick?
This article has been updated and lengthened.  The article talks about how to find out about the side effects your drugs and prescriptions may be having on you.  We have included some sources on where to look for this information and what to look for.

Do you ever think of stress as having benefits?
Stress acts as a watchdog. It alerts you that you are about to over-extend your body's ability to handle all the work it is asked to do. Learn some simple techniques for recognizing stress and how to deal with stress.

How to Choose A Nutritional Supplement: A "Multivitamin" Safely And Wisely

Questions and answers on how to choose a nutritional supplement.  This article is about how to buy supplements that will help you support your immune system, and this immune system is the very framework for your health and ultimately your life.


Anatomy And Physiology - The Make Up Of Your Body And How It Functions

If you have Meniere's Disease, it is very important that you understand human anatomy and physiology. It will help you understand what you are going through and what your doctor is talking about. ANATOMY is the study, classification, and description of structures and organs of the body. PHYSIOLOGY is the study and process of the function of the human. It is the study of the physical and chemical processes involved in the functioning of the living organisms and their component parts.


I Wish Doctors Had More Time to Listen.

Doctors are very busy and they do not always have time to listen.  This may help you to work with your doctor and use the knowledge you have gotten from the Internet.  How to create a list of facts for your doctor and why you should be completely factual about your symptoms to help both of you make the appointment go smoother.


Frustration About The Limited Discussion During A Doctor's Visit

It is difficult these days to be a patient or a doctor.  Doctors are human, just as you and I are.  They have time limitations that we could never dream of, and the stress of having to deal with some patients that cannot be helped.  What we have tried to do is give you some ideas on how to make the visit to the doctors office as quick and informative as possible, for both of you.


Wondering About Symptoms You Can't Explain?

For many people, the side effects from the drugs you are taking are not a serious problem. Introducing another chemical into your body is not part of the body's original composition and the body has ways of getting rid of things it doesn't like or reacting to things it can't get rid of.  This may cause unusual symptoms that can be very frightening.  This article attempts to explain some of these interactions and what you should be doing if this is happening to you.


Reflecting On Chemicals Going Into Your Body.  Some of These May Be Behind Your Meniere's Disease Symptoms.

What we don't seem to get is that any kind of chemical might be a problem. And that could include your medications!  This article will help you to learn and recognize that chemicals come in many different forms and different disguises.  Your body has its own set, and anything you want to add must be in "sync" with its needs. Chemicals can easily enter your body  via the mouth, nose, ears, skin, and eyes, even your hair shaft.  But they are still entering your body.


Sunscreens - Lots Of Important And Interesting Information

The sun is natural and our bodies are natural, so why are we having a conflict? What's the big "to do" about sun protection? If you know of anyone who is allergic to the sun, you will know how inconvenient and awkward it is to stay out of it at all costs. So sun protection becomes important. We want to enjoy the sun and its benefits, but not have the harmful effects. This article is going to give you some very basic, and helpful information.


Headaches (Or Head Aches) and Meniere's Disease ...Why?

We think in terms of headaches, but in reality, we mean something is hurting our brain. If you meant any other parts of the head, you would mention it by its correct name. An earache, a toothache, a sinus or nose problem, dizziness, deafness. Here we are dealing the brain: the major structure of the head, and how it can ache.


Why Do We Have To Be Healthy? 

I received this unusual question a while ago and though it might make an interested in this thought-provoking idea as well as being an interesting article.  Why should we be healthy?  What is the opposite or alternative? The word “health” encompasses several parts of your being: physical, mental, social.  Lives change, and so does your thinking when you face illness with a close family member. Suddenly you realize they have “become” sick. That’s an action word: not just a thing. And this is happening, right now and you wish you could stop it. But you don’t have any idea where to start. Our medical community is still not inclined to teach prevention as opposed to treatment.


Hormones and How They Work Within the Human Body

Hormones are chemical messengers. Most go directly into your bloodstream. Their job is to regulate your body’s activities and its chemistry: hence the messenger role term. It is important to remember that all of these hormones work in unison and interact. Nothing in your body works in isolation.


Personal Infection Control - Making Sure You Are Healthy Enough To Withstand Unhealthy Conditions.

Infection control may seem to be out of place on a Meniere's Disease website, but if you are suffering from Meniere's Disease, the last thing you need is to be down with a head cold on top of the sinus pressure, vertigo and stress you are already under.
There are many unrecognized and potentially-infectious situations. Many times you are exposed to them and don't even know it. But if you suspect something, your choices are to be proactive or to be reactive. Prevention or treatment. Personally I think prevention is healthier, less painful and more cost effective.

To keep from getting sicker, you may want to take some preventative measures. You will need to recognize a possible risk. And if you are exposed you would want to know how you could protect yourself and keep from getting sick. To start this learning process, you need to know what is in place right now to protect you.

We hope that through this article we will inform you of the potential threats out there and how to avoid them.



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