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Meniere's Disease Health and Information Newsletter

There is a tremendous amount of research interest about Meniere's Disease these days by people who suffer from Meniere's.  It is our intention to provide only credible, well researched information from mainstream medical journals and other credible sources. This will be information about Meniere's Disease that you will feel comfortable taking to your doctor.  Our focus is on you restoring your health.  The sources of our information will be articles from reliable authors and health care professionals, in addition to basic, easy to understand information on anatomy and physiology.

We have been privileged to receive thousands of questions and ideas since we started this web site.  It has only made us more aware of the need for this kind of Meniere's information.

One of the benefits of all of these questions is that it has shown us what kind of information people are looking for.  When we get several requests on a particular topic, we sit down to research and write an article about what people have been asking for.  After we write the article, the first people that we send it to are the people that have signed up for the newsletter.

Because of the amount of spam, and spam complaints as a result of all the spam, we now use a double opt-in email system.  When you sign up to be added to the Health Information Newsletter, you will receive a confirmation email.  In that email is a link that you click on.  Once you have clicked on that link, you will automatically be added to the newsletter list and you will be sent the most current issue of the Meniere's Disease Health Information Newsletter right away.



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