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How Meniere's Disease, and the Symptoms You Are Experiencing, Can Be Caused by the Bodies Healing Process

I want to explain how the bodies healing process works and how this is connected to Meniere's disease - how what is happening in your body may be connected to all of the different Meniere's disease symptoms you are experiencing. I am hoping that this will help you understand what is happening to you, and why you might feel the way you do.

Whenever the body has something in it that it finds NOT normal: i.e. the way the body is meant to be, your body's circulatory system brings extra fluid to the area to flush out the free radicals, toxins, etc. This process is called the inflammatory process.

This process could be started by something inside, or outside, our bodies that eventually leads to your Meniere's disease attacks or symptoms. This is why we put to much effort into helping you find what is triggering your attacks.

It will happen anywhere in our bodies

  • In your knees when we don't have enough natural lubricant
  • In your ears when there is some type of irritation, which may also be causing your hearing and balance issues that are the primary symptoms of Meniere's disease
  • Pain centers
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Diabetes, when our bodies can't produce enough insulin to neutralize the extra sugar we eat.

When we are healthy, the body has lots of natural fighters known as "anti-oxidants" which it gets from food and water and a good environment, moderate exercise, rest, etc.

Sometimes all these situations change and a few of these changes are:

  • Food when it has no real nutritional value
  • Too much exercise
  • Environmental pollution
  • Drugs to correct problems or a health condition
  • Chemicals in foods or hormones in animals
  • Sometimes the body gets confused and "eats itself" (auto-immune condition)

In many cases, we have found that these situations are the primary reasons, or triggers, of Meniere's disease.  In a lot of cases there are ways that you can make lifestyle changes to avoid, or minimize your exposure to these triggers.

In most cases, you HAVE NO CONTROL OVER HOW YOUR BODY REACTS ONCE IT IS EXPOSED TO THESE TRIGGERS, so the natural thing for your body to do is to try and remove these challenges.  However eventually your body's own army, your IMMUNE SYSTEM, is overwhelmed and can't cope any longer. It has now depleted its store of anti-oxidants and its support: it needs help.

Most people, in good faith, will go to a doctor and get a prescription to try to correct the problem (Meniere's disease for our purposes) that way. These drugs will help in the short run, but again increase the burden of the body's defense system. So it must now try to neutralize those free radicals as well.

So many of have turned to "health food supplements" or someone tells us about antioxidants that could help. And, we, in good faith eat them and feel better. So then along comes another problem: you add yet another specific "natural" remedy/product and this one is looked after.

That's OK, but these products in most cases will only look after a specific problem.. NOT THE WHOLE BODY!

So after a while, there are too many problems and so many "natural solutions" that they are creating their own problems, which in turn may also be causing your Meniere's disease attacks. I don't know if you know that, but this industry it unregulated. A product can be called "natural" if it contains as little as only 4% natural ingredients.

Let me give you a ridiculous example. Someone decides to cash in on the fitness market and make a nutritional supplement. They find an ingredient like Ginkgo, place 4 teaspoons of Ginkgo into a pail, add 96 teaspoons of sawdust (an exaggeration, of course!), stir it up, and sell it as "natural Ginkgo". Some people and companies use totally useless fillers to do just that.

Sometimes it is those fillers that are actually behind your Meniere's disease attacks. You think you are buying a quality "natural" product, but in reality, what you are taking to help could actually be hurting you.  A lot of people do not even tell their doctors that they are taking a nutritional supplement because most people do not think that supplements may be the source of the problem.

That's why so many products are so cheap. They don't need to use good ingredients: they will sell without them, if the advertising is "loud enough".

So for someone suffering from Meniere's disease, what could we do that would be helpful for our bodies so you can get back to some semblance of health?

  • Remove the known causes of damage to our bodies
  • Give your body what it needs to help in removing the triggers or the causes of Meniere's disease ..i.e. whatever may be causing the fluid build-up
  • Give added "help" via strong anti-oxidants to help support and build up the immune system so it can do its original work
  • Prevent further problems. Stay on a maintenance dose of a total system. Make sure that whatever you use, has chosen to work under strict federal laws to ensure quality and high standards
  • Make sure it meets "pharmaceutical grade" standards.  Ideally it would be listed in the Physicians Desk Reference, the guide book used by Doctors, Pharmacists and other medical professionals to check the quality of the products that are eligible to be included.  Very high government and Medical standards MUST be met before ANY product can be listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.

Now none of these symptoms and Meniere's disease causes came on overnight: hence the solutions won't happen that quickly, either. But with all additional help, the healing will happen MUCH more quickly than the problem took to get you sick or "unwell". So how will high quality nutritional supplements help specifically?

The basic philosophy is to treat the entire body with a top source of nutrition, but researchers also know that an unhealthy body needs more than just the basics to get back to its "near" original state. That's why the other, more specific products were needed.

Once everything is functioning well again, the underlying problem, if it is fairly minor, will probably be eliminated. However, things like arthritis, Meniere's disease, and Diabetes will be there. BUT a person would be much more able and willing to live with those results, and with smaller drug doses, or just a special diet for Meniere's disease.

So how specifically would high quality nutritional supplements work to alleviate the Meniere's disease problems?

First, look for a known cause.  See if any of the "offending" items are present and make changes to remove these, or reduce your exposure to them.  Some of these are;

  • No real nutritional value in the food that you are eating
  • You are exercising too much exercise and putting additional stress on your body
  • Environmental pollution
  • The drugs you are taking to correct the problems may be causing side effects and possibly triggering Meniere's disease attacks or bringing on your symptoms
  • Chemicals in foods or hormones in animals

Give things that help in removing the results of the causes, what may be causing the fluid build up from the healing process?  You can give added "help" via strong anti-infammatories: that's to help the body get rid of the extra fluid that it created to "flush out" the enemy/ free radicals.

In David's case, One of the doctors had Meniere's disease attacks that were even more severe than David's attacks.  He suggested a combined powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory because that is what worked for him.  The two doctors that David worked with also suggested a whole system of nutritional supplements because they know what the body needs. (David and I didn't create this: the 2 Doctors David was working with did.)

To prevent further problems, stay on a maintenance dose of a total system. Make sure that whatever you use, has chosen to work under strict federal laws to ensure quality and high standards. Make sure it meets "pharmaceutical grade" standards", and is listed in the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR).

High Quality vitamins and minerals need to provide complete, balanced, AND OPTIMUM nutrition. They help to feed our bodies with everything it could need, in the way it can use it right away. They act as a doorway and allow the rest of the "elements" to work in harmony and in balance.

Strong anti-oxidants are designed to provide extra "fighting power". They neutralize the free radicals and it also act as a very strong anti-inflammatory, which draws fluid away from the cells.

Ginkgo brings extra blood circulating to the brain and head, flushing more toxins and free radicals out of the cells, and leaving behind the healing antioxidants. Certain varieties also have an added ingredient that helps with make your memory a bit better.

Calcium helps with bone growth. The middle ear has three tiny bones that must work in unison. They have to be strong and healthy in order to transmit the sounds and vibrations so we can hear what is going on around us.

This is a very simplistic overview of the whole mechanism of healing and how this is connected to Meniere's disease.

If you would like to learn more about how to find Quality nutritional supplements, we have 2 reports on the website for you.  The first one is a Vitamin Checklist so you will know what to look for in a quality nutritional supplement.  The second one is a Vitamin Comparison to help you make an informed decision the next time you go shopping for nutritional supplements.


By Karin Henderson - Nurse, Retired.



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