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This is My Story of How I Won My Fight With Meniere's Disease.

I have had Meniere's Disease for several years now. At first I thought I just had build up of wax in my ear. My family doctor said there was no wax build-up. At first, the Meniere's symptoms were so bad that at times I would have to crawl on my hands and knees to bed. I would then spend one or two days just lying there because I was so dizzy and suffering from vertigo and inner ear dizziness.

This could happen on a daily basis. I had to stop working, and could not work for over three years because of my Meniere's disease attacks.

I had to plan my days around how I felt in the morning. Some days driving or walking was out of the question and even on the mornings when I felt ok I would never know when I would get dizzy. I then became very depressed. I also started to have financial problems and felt I was a prisoner in my own home.

I went from being self sufficient to totally reliant on other people.

At that time I owned a retail store and was selling clothing. I would talk to customers and get so dizzy I had to hang onto things to get around the store. It became an impossible situation. I wasn't able to look after my customers properly and I wasn't able to do my business justice, so I closed my business down in Dec of 1997.

I functioned with the dizzy spells until the winter of 2000. I then began to have dizzy spells almost on a daily basis. I also began to fall like a bag of sand with no warning. I had one very bad scare while driving my car. I became totally disoriented and I slammed the brakes on and stopped in the middle of the road. Fortunately this was not a busy road or I am sure I would have caused an accident.

The last straw for me was in May of 2000 I fell in the kitchen and split my head open and my eye brow, and eye lid. It all got infected. I thought to myself, life can't get much worse. Through the winter of 2000 I became a prisoner in my own home. As soon as I would go into a store I would get dizzy.

When I first started to have Meniere's disease symptoms, I saw my family doctor and was given the usual prescription drugs for Meniere's, all to no avail. I was also referred to a specialist and had all the hearing test and an MRI done, again to no avail.

I started to do my own research on the Internet (just like you are doing now) and I ran across two doctors that are both using a similar approach to treating Meniere's Disease.

One of the doctors is using high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements to treat his patients that have Meniere's disease and the second doctor actually suffers from Meniere's Disease.

Since both doctors solution to treating Meniere's was to use a combination of high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, I figured that two doctors using the same system and products, with good results, is as good as a second opinion, so I decided to give it a try.

The one doctor that I spoke to who is suffering from Meniere's was experiencing the same problems as I was. He would have to cancel all his appointments and be carried out of his office and driven home.

I decided to see for myself. If this worked for him, it might also work for me. I had nothing to loose except a few dollars and I had spent a lot on prescription drugs, which didn't work. So I was game to try almost anything to get rid of these symptoms.

I started these products in the middle of May 2000 and by the beginning of June my dizzy spell's were gone. I was fine until I was admitted to the hospital this Nov. 2000 for one week. At that time, because my doctor didn't believe in this concept, he took me off the vitamins and nutritional supplements and at the end of five days, I was dizzy again. The next day I was discharged and started taking my vitamin's and nutritional supplements again and two days later I was dizzy free.

If you would like to ask us a question, or if you would like to know what finally helped David get relief from his Meniere's Disease symptoms, please send us an email message. Meniere's disease causes a major change in life style. It not only affects the person with the disease but also their loved ones.


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